TitleThe Seven Streams of the River Ota
AuthorLepage, Robert
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyQuebec City; Ex Machina
Opening Night3/6/2020
Press Night3/6/2020
Closing Night3/15/2020
Performance Length7 hours (including two intervals and a 45 minute break)
Number of Performances6
Performer Roles
ROLE155497Blankenship; RebeccaPerformer
ROLE155498Côté; LorrainePerformer
ROLE155499Essiambre; ChristianPerformer
ROLE155500Fréchette; RichardPerformer
ROLE155501Kudaka; TetsuyaPerformer
ROLE155502Leblanc; MyriamPerformer
ROLE155503Miya; UmihikoPerformer
ROLE155504Southière; AudréePerformer
ROLE155505Thibault-Denis; PhilippePerformer
ROLE155506Yamamoto; DonnaPerformer
ROLE155507Hao; VictoriaChild Performer
ROLE155508Matibag; IsabelleChild Performer
ROLE155509Valentim; OliviaChild Performer
Creative Roles
ROLE155496Lepage; Robert (1957-)Designer / Director / Playwright / Text
ROLE155518Blanchet; SteveCreative Director
ROLE114851Bibeau; GérardDramaturg / Text
ROLE155519Saint-Amand; AdèleAssistant Director
ROLE155520Bernier; ÉricText
ROLE155521Bissonnette; NormandText
ROLE155522Blankenship; RebeccaText
ROLE155523Brassard; MarieText
ROLE155524Cadieux; Anne-MarieText
ROLE155525Daneau; NormandText
ROLE155526Fréchette; RichardText
ROLE155527Gignac; MarieText
ROLE155528Goyette; PatrickText
ROLE155529Limonchik; MachaText
ROLE155530Vincent; GhislaineText
ROLE155531Côté; Michel FMusic and Sound Designer
ROLE155532Fillion; CarlSet Design (Original Production)
ROLE155533Kudaka; TetsuyaMusic Collaboration
ROLE155534Suavé; ArianeSet Design (Adaptation)
ROLE114859Nishikawa; SonoyoLighting Designer
ROLE155535Dubois; KevenImage Designer
ROLE155536Leclerc; VirginieCostume Designer / Costume Manager
ROLE155537Gendreau; ClaudiaProperties Designer
ROLE105753Bernatchez; MichelProducer (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155538Landry-Claverie; VanessaAssistant Producer (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155539Gagné; Marie-PierreProduction Manager (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155540St-Jacques; VéroniqueProduction Assistant (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155541Guay; CatherineTechnical Director (Creation) (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155543Cloutier; SimonTechnical Director (Touring) (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155544Beaulieu; FrancisStage Manager (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155545Philippe; GaspardSound Manager (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155546Malenfant; Marie-ÈveLighting Manager (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155547Sérandour; SamuelVideo Manager (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155548Bureau; Anne MarieAssistant Stage Manager (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155549Cardin; MathieuHead Stagehand (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155550Blanchet; ChloéProps Manager (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155551Bourque; PaulProject Manager (Set) (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155552Elie; StanislasTechnical Consultant (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155553Ferland-Bilodeau; FrançoisTechnical Consultant (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155554Décors; AstuceSet Building (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155555Gagné; AlainConception (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155556Apparat; ParCostume Maker (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155557Saint-Marcoux; DelphineMusic Copyright Clearance (for Ex Machina)
ROLE155558Tremblay; Josée-AnneMusic Copyright Clearance
ROLE155559Gettins; ChristineProject Producer (for NT)
ROLE155560Rifaat; TariqProduction Manager (for NT)
ROLE155561Jarvis-Taylor; BryonyChild Casting (for NT)
ROLE155562Downham; NaomiChild Casting (for NT)
ROLE155564Farmery; IanStage Manager (for NT)
ROLE155565Rayner-Adams; SamanthatProp Buying Assistant (for NT)
ROLE144160Tuff; DaveStage Supervisor (for NT)
ROLE155566O'Neill; DannyRigging Supervisor (for NT)
ROLE155567Hussain; AnieProduction Assistant (for NT)
ROLE144156Clayton; Laurence / LaurieLighting Supervisor (for NT)
ROLE155203Burns; LaurenAssistant Stage Manager (for NT)
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