AuthorPrice, Tim
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/24/2024
Press Night3/6/2024
Closing Night5/11/2024
Number of Performances84
Performer Roles
ROLE161186Beasley; RemyGwen Davies
ROLE161187Bulgo; MatthewMr Orchard / Mr Francis
ROLE161188Dwyfor; DyfanSpeaker / Luke Williams / Councillor Williams / Understudy: Archie Lush
ROLE161189Evans; RogerArchie Lush
ROLE161190Foley; RossClerk / Ross Doherty / Understudy: Mr Orchard / Understudy: Neville Chamberlain / Understudy: David Bevan / Understudy: Dr Frankel
ROLE161191Furlong; JonHerbert Morrison MP / Mr Howells
ROLE161192Hawksford; DanielNeil Jones
ROLE161194Holland; BeaMrs Jones / The Cleaner / Understudy: Clement Atlee / Understudy: Jennie Lee
ROLE161195Jacob; StephanieClement Atlee / Matron
ROLE161196James; KezrenaNurse Ellie / Arianwen
ROLE161197Jayawardena; TonyDoctor Dain / Winston Churchill
ROLE161198Keane; MichaelOwen Thomas / Councillor Morgan / Understudy: Herbert Morrison MP
ROLE161199Khan; NicholasNeville Chamberlain / Dr Frankel / Mr Hill / Doctor Voiceover
ROLE161200Killick; RebeccaLucy Pritchard / Doctor Voiceover
ROLE161201Llewellyn-Jenkins; OliverEnsemble / Understudy: Swing
ROLE161202Matthews; MarkMark Smith / Mr Leslie / Graham the Porter
ROLE161203Meilir; RhodriDavid Bevan / Councillor Hopkins / Doctor Voiceover
ROLE161204Mejri; AshleyWilliam Jones / Mr Llewellyn / Chris the Porter
ROLE161205Mengo; LeeJack Stockton / Understudy: Aneurin 'Nye' Bevan
ROLE161206Monteith; DavidMr Fury / Understudy: Doctor Dain / Understudy: Winston Churchill
ROLE161207O'Donnell; MaliEnsemble / Understudy: Swing
ROLE161208Otung; SaraSara Roberts / Mrs Lewis / Understudy: Nurse Ellie / Understudy: Arianwen
ROLE161209Sheen; MichaelAneurin 'Nye' Bevan
ROLE161210Small; SharonJennie Lee
Creative Roles
ROLE156159Price; TimWriter
ROLE130413Norris; RufusDirector
ROLE113758Mortimer; VickiSet Designer
ROLE156582Isidore; KinnetiaCostume Designer
ROLE108347Constable; PauleLighting Designer
ROLE161118Hoggett; StevenCo-Choreographer
ROLE161119Williams; JessCo-Choreographer
ROLE161120Stuart; WillComposer
ROLE155197Wharton; DonatoSound Designer
ROLE130724Driscoll; JonProjection Designer
ROLE132606Coomer; AlastairCasting
ROLE156866Blake; ChloeCasting
ROLE158988Logue; PatriciaDialect Coach
ROLE146482McCarron; CathleenCompany Voice Work
ROLE160583Newlands; TamsinCompany Voice Work
ROLE161121Morgan; MattConsultant Medical Adviser
ROLE161122Goodridge; FrancescaAssociate Director
ROLE161123Hellyer; MattAssociate Set Designer
ROLE116915Cusack; PádraigProducer
ROLE139106Leaver; JimProduction Manager
ROLE154406Pringle; StewartDramaturg
ROLE161125Thom; ShaneCompany Stage Manager
ROLE128170Hill; AnnaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE156831McLean; SophieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE144205Phipps; JoAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE161126Piggott; TabithaDeputy Production Manager
ROLE161139Nash; TJProduction Assistant
ROLE161140Killick; RebeccaMovement Captain
ROLE137490Bain; AlanProject Draughting
ROLE138493Radley-Bennett; DanielDigital Art
ROLE159239Thomas-Webb; ZoëAssociate Costume Designer / Costume Supervisor
ROLE157418Florence; SydneyAssistant Costume Supervisor
ROLE147102Kasim; KimWigs, Hair & Make-up Supervisor
ROLE156918Williams; RuthRunning Wardrobe Supervisor
ROLE130966Lake; ChrisProp Supervisor
ROLE157826Flowers; LauraProp Buyer
ROLE160182Garrett; MichaelProp Making Manager
ROLE151987McLucas; MichelleProp Making Coordinator
ROLE160088Mcleod; SamLighting Supervisor
ROLE154167Frost; WillLighting Programmer
ROLE157827Wickens; JamesProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE160056Mann; NickSound Operator
ROLE161143Brodley; IndiRadio Mics Supervisor
ROLE161144Zschommler; MarieRadio Mics Technician
ROLE161145Stamp; ClaireSound Technician
ROLE161146Yu; JasonSound Technician
ROLE159914Jarvis; GeorgeProduction Video Engineer
ROLE159718Marsh; DylanVideo Programmer
ROLE161147Corcillius; AdrienVideo System Engineer
ROLE160220Hyde; JasonVideo Technician
ROLE161148Llewellyn; HuwFilm Lighting Gaffer
ROLE161149Carrington; GemmaProjection Design Associate
ROLE140809Tuff; DaveStage Supervisor
ROLE153813Horsburgh; PhilRigging Supervisor
ROLE157963Weir; DuncanAutomation Supervisor
ROLE140816Sheppard; PaulConstruction Supervisor
ROLE152121Collie; AliceScenic Art Supervisor
ROLE130335Persson; JohanProduction Photographer
ROLE161151Gardner; SimonTrumpet and Cornet
ROLE161159Crawshaw; RebeccaTrumpet dbl and Soprano Cornet
ROLE161160Snead; ChrisTrumpet and Cornet
ROLE161161Wood; AndyTrombone 1
ROLE161152Philpott; BarnabyTrombone 2 dbl Euphonium
ROLE161153Salmon; JaneTrombone 3 dbl Euphonium
ROLE161162Clements; BarryBass Trombone dbl Tuba
ROLE161154McGill; HowardAlto Saxophone
ROLE161155Chilton; JennieAlto Saxophone
ROLE161156Moss; NickTenor Saxophone
ROLE161157Holder; JessamyTenor Saxophone
ROLE161163McInerney; ClaireBaritone Saxophone
ROLE161164Ungless; LaurenceDouble Bass / Understudy: Bass
ROLE161165Clare; TomDrumkit
ROLE161166Dunstall; ClivePiano
ROLE161167Quinn; JustinGuitar
ROLE161168Mills; JohnUnderstudy: Violin
ROLE161169Isaac; JeremyUnderstudy: Violin
ROLE161170Northcott; LydiaUnderstudy: Viola
ROLE161171Vukotic; BozidarUnderstudy: Cello
ROLE161172Matthews; VickyUnderstudy: Cello
ROLE161158Quigley; RyanTrumpet and Cornet
RNT/PP/1/3/378Nye2024Olivier Programmes
RNT/PR/3/1103Nye2024Rehearsal and production photographs
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