TitleThe Permanent Way
AuthorHare, David
VenueCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyCollaboration between National Theatre and Out of Joint
Opening Night1/8/2004
Press Night1/13/2004
Closing Night5/1/2004
Performance Length1 hour, 50 minutes
Number of Performances85
Performer Roles
ROLE117092Cooke; NigelA Senior Civil Servant / Another Senior Operating Executive / A British Transport Policeman
ROLE117093Merlin; BellaAn Investment Banker
ROLE117094Faress; SouadWendy
ROLE117095Hutchinson; LloydJohn Prescott
ROLE117096Graham; SamA Very Experienced Rail Engineer
ROLE117097Dunster; MatthewA Senior Rail Executive
ROLE117098Faress; SouadSally
ROLE117099Hutchinson; LloydA Leading Entrepreneur
ROLE117101Cinque; FlaminiaA Bereaved Mother
ROLE117102Graham; SamA Bereaved Father
ROLE117103Hutchinson; LloydA Rail Union Leader
ROLE117104Cinque; FlaminiaDawn
ROLE117105Markham; KikaA Campaigning Solicitor
ROLE117106Dunster; MatthewA Young Man in Denim
ROLE117107Merlin; BellaA Second Bereaved Mother
ROLE117108Faress; SouadA Survivors' Group Founder
ROLE117109Redford; IanA Managing Director of Railtrack
ROLE117111Dunster; MatthewA Rector of Hatfield
ROLE117112Graham; SamA Scottish Literary Editor
ROLE117113Hutchinson; LloydA Technical Director of a Maintenance Company
ROLE117114Hutchinson; LloydA Squardron Leader
ROLE117115Markham; KikaA Widow
ROLE117116Members of the CompanyPassengers and the Permanent Way Gang
ROLE138809Redford; IanA High-Powered Treasury Thinker
Creative Roles
ROLE104376Stafford-Clark; MaxDirector
ROLE110062Dudley; WilliamSet, Costume and Video Designer
ROLE105672Town; JohannaLighting Designer
ROLE114079Arditti; PaulSound Designer
ROLE117117Jones; NaomiAssistant Director for Out of Joint
ROLE117118Cameron; PhilProduction Manager (for Background)
ROLE117119Gilbert; RosieCompany Stage Manager
ROLE117120Healey; CarolineDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE117121Llewelyn; RichardAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE105682Barsby; HattieCostume Supervisor
ROLE109089Cusack; PadraigProducer (NT)
ROLE105683Cowley; GrahamProducer (for Out of Joint)
ROLE105684Bradfield; JonathanMarketing Manager (for Out of Joint)
ROLE117122Ockrent; NatashaAdministrator and Education Manager for Out of Joint
ROLE103477Haynes; JohnProduction Photographer
ROLE103161Hare; David (1947-)Playwright
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RNT/PL/3/803ADiscussion on The Permanent Way16 April 2004Platforms Audio Recordings
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