TitleCyrano de Bergerac
AuthorRostand, Edmond
Author TwoMahon, Derek (new version)
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night4/10/2004
Press Night4/19/2004
Closing Night6/24/2004
Performance Length2 hours, 50 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances45
Performer Roles
ROLE120717Rea; StephenCyrano de Bergerac
ROLE120718Price; ClaireRoxane
ROLE120719Storry; MalcolmCount de Guiche
ROLE120720O'Donnell; AnthonyRagueneau
ROLE120721Sampson; NickDebray
ROLE120722Manners; KatherineGenevieve / Sister Claire
ROLE120723Bonnar; MarkLigniere / Jules (Gascon Cadet)
ROLE120725Critchlow; StephenMontfleury
ROLE120726Collings; DavidJodelet
ROLE120728McKinley; MaireadLiz / Sister Marguerite
ROLE120730Fox-Murphy; GregoryCastel-Jaloux
ROLE120735Merrells; SimonBill (Gascon Cadet)
ROLE120743Arnold; ThomasPatrick (Gascon Cadet)
ROLE120749Kerrigan; DermotBrian (Gascon Cadet)
ROLE120750Peacock; HarryHugh (Gascon Cadet)
ROLE120751Langdale; PascalValvert / Gus (Gascon Cadet)
ROLE120752Tuite; DanielBertrand (Gascon Cadet)
ROLE120753Berkeley-White; StephenGascon Cadet / Dancer
ROLE120754Diquero; GildasGascon Cadet / Dancer
ROLE120755Fong; JoanneGascon Cadet / Dancer / Nun
ROLE120756Grove; AntoniaGascon Cadet / Nun
ROLE120757Lind; MirandaGascon Cadet / Dancer / Nun
ROLE120758Sullivan; KarlGascon Cadet / Dancer
ROLE120759Thomas; TrevorGascon Cadet
ROLE120760Ward; TamGascon Cadet / Dancer
ROLE120764Odey; KatyMarianne / Sister Anne
ROLE120775Members of the CompanyPeople in the theatre / Other characters
ROLE120780O'Neil; BruceMusical Director / Accordian
ROLE120781Toy; KatherineAccordian
ROLE120782Kelly; TobySaxophone
ROLE112582Silvester; CorrinaPercussion
ROLE128257Wiles; JezPercussion
ROLE147189Varla; ZubinChristian
ROLE147190Rycroft; WilliamJacques (Gascot Cadet)
Creative Roles
ROLE114039Dudley; WilliamSet Designer
ROLE113068Bright; JohnCostume Designer
ROLE105998Muldowney; DominicMusic
ROLE120776Bruce; ChristopherMovement and Dance
ROLE115475Hobbs; WilliamFights
ROLE108927Anderson; PaulLighting Designer
ROLE108080Groothuis; PaulSound Designer
ROLE103663Rodenburg; PatsyCompany Voice Work
ROLE116313Potter; SamanthaStaff Director
ROLE103666Gilroy; KatrinaProduction Manager
ROLE104626Bissett; AngelaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE109408Mauro; LynetteCostume Supervisor
ROLE104555Greaves; PaulAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE109050Vowles; ThomasAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE110251Boyd; AlanAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE120777Lind; MirandaAssistant to Christopher Bruce / Dance Captain
ROLE116953Gibson; GavinAssistant Production Manager
ROLE116955Blazdell; TimDesign Associate
ROLE120778Holtom; AshleyAssistant Costume Supervisor
ROLE104875Kyncl; Ivan (1953 - 2004)Production and Rehearsal Photographer
ROLE120779Campbell; ChristopherLiteral Translation
ROLE106046Hall; ErnestStage Manager
ROLE129694Davies; HowardDirector
ROLE115470Rostand; Edmond (1868-1918)Writer
ROLE147191Mahon; DerekWriter
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