Further informationSouth Bank Transfer
AuthorShakespeare, William
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night3/16/1976
Closing Night1/15/1977
Performance Length4 hours (including 20 minute interval) (approximately)
AwardsOlivier nominations for Actor of the Year in a Revival (Albert Finney), Actress of the Year in a Revival (Susan Fleetwood)
Number of Performances40
Performer Roles
ROLE122867Thorndike; DanielBarnardo, an officer / English Ambassador
ROLE122868Melia; MichaelFrancisco, a soldier / Lucianus / Understudy: Osric
ROLE122869Locke; PhilipHoratio
ROLE122870Beint; Michael Marcellus, an officer / Understudy: Claudius
ROLE122872Lomax; HarryVoltimand, an ambassador
ROLE122873Gill; JohnCornelius, an ambassador / Lord
ROLE122874Ward; SimonLaertes, son to Polonius
ROLE122875Culver; RolandPolonius
ROLE122876Finney; Albert (1936-)Hamlet
ROLE122877Lansbury; AngelaGertrude, Queen of Denmark
ROLE122878Fleetwood; SusanOphelia, daughter to Polonius
ROLE122880Needham; PeterReynaldo / First Messenger
ROLE122881Cotton; OliverRosencrantz
ROLE122882Hunt; GarethGuildenstern
ROLE122883Eddison; RobertFirst Player / Player King
ROLE122884Rodger; StruanPlayer Queen
ROLE122886Yelland; DavidFortinbras, Prince of Norway
ROLE122887Webster; HarryCaptain to Fortinbras
ROLE122888Keating; MichaelGentleman
ROLE122889Grain; GlynSailor / English Ambassador
ROLE122890Rocca; PeterSailor / Understudy: Marcellus
ROLE122891Monckton; PatrickSecond Messenger
ROLE122892Devlin; J.G.Grave Digger
ROLE122894Stephens; P.G.Priest
ROLE122895Grainger; GawnOsric
ROLE122898Adams; DesmondCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122899Benda; Kenneth (- Jul 1978)Courtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122900Edwards; RayCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122901Flood; KevinCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122902Frazer; CarolCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122903Hilton; AndrewCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122904Kaye; BrendaCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122906Spencer; GladysCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122907Tynsley; Dennis (-1981)Courtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122911Stroud; MichaelCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122912Byatt; AndrewUnderstudy: Second Grave Digger
ROLE128662Quilley; Denis (1928-2003)Claudius, King of Denmark / Ghost of Hamlet's father
ROLE141652Jefford; BarbaraGertrude, Queen of Denmark
ROLE141653Grain; GlynGuildenstern
ROLE141654Rodger; StruanPlayer Queen / Captain to Fortinbras
ROLE141655Block; TimothySailor / English Ambassador
ROLE141656Wilkinson; Pitt (- Sep 1977)Courtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE122862Ball; ChristopherMusician
ROLE122863Emney; MarkMusician
ROLE122864Hooper; SeanMusician
ROLE122747Morgan; LaurieMusician
ROLE122865Young; PaulMusician
ROLE141672Norton; JimLaertes, son to Polonius
ROLE141673Kent; Brian (-1985)Courtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE141675Morgan; JeffreyCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE141674Lloyd; StanleyCourtier / Soldier / Player / Servant
ROLE137871Mitchell; AndrewMusician
Creative Roles
ROLE103141Shakespeare; William (1564-1616)Playwright
ROLE122859Moshinsky; Elijah (1946-)Assistant to the Director
ROLE104723Bury; John (1925-2000)Designer
ROLE110063Hersey; DavidLighting
ROLE105023Birtwistle; Sir; Harrison (1934-)Music
ROLE115475Hobbs; WilliamFights
ROLE106772Mackintosh; KennethStaff Director
ROLE104732Bullimore; RichardProduction Manager
ROLE105038Beattie; RosemaryStage Manager
ROLE103792Bryant; CourtneyDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE122860Edelstein; DavidAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE122861Goulding; MarieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE115248Walmsley; LesleyAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE122798Carter; SylviaSound
ROLE122828Alsaker; TimianAssistant to the Designer
ROLE122722Crickmay; AnthonyProduction Photographer
ROLE128512Hall; Sir; Peter (1930-)Director
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