TitleTheatre of Blood
AuthorSimpson, Lee
Author TwoMcDermott, Phelim
Author ThreeGreville-Bell, Anthony (screenplay by)
VenueLyttleton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyCollaboration between the National Theatre and Improbable
Opening Night4/9/2005
Press Night4/20/2005
Closing Night9/10/2005
Performance Length2 hours, 40 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances65
Performer Roles
ROLE129104Broadbent; JimEdward Lionheart
ROLE129105Stirling; RachaelMiranda Lionheart
ROLE129106Lockyer; MarkPeter Devlin (The Times)
ROLE129107Bentall; PaulGeorge Maxwell (The Daily Telegraph)
ROLE129108Bourne; BetteMichael Merridew (The Sunday Times)
ROLE129109Carmichael; HayleySally Patterson (The Guardian)
ROLE129110Dexter; SallyChloe Moon (The Observer)
ROLE129111Steen; SteveTrevor Dickens (The Evening Standard)
ROLE129112McMullan; TimOliver Larding (The Daily Mail)
ROLE129113Bell; GerardA Chorus of Tramps
ROLE129114Harper; StephenA Chorus of Tramps
ROLE129115Haverson; NickA Chorus of Tramps
ROLE129116Spence; RachaelA Chorus of Tramps
ROLE129118Willing; VictoriaA Chorus of Tramps
ROLE129119Woodall; EdwardA Chorus of Tramps
ROLE129120Edis; StevePiano / Keyboards
ROLE129121Bousie; MarkAccordion
ROLE129122Farrer; RobPercussion
ROLE129123Fowler; EmmaClarinet / Saxophone
ROLE129124Wilkins; LucyViolin
ROLE130589Worsey; Christopher / ChrisCello
Creative Roles
ROLE128191McDermott; PhelimDirector
ROLE113374Smith; RaeDesigner
ROLE128194Grenfell; ColinLighting Designer
ROLE129127Talbot; JobyMusic (published by Chester Music Ltd)
ROLE129128Kieve; PaulIllusionist
ROLE103663Rodenburg; PatsyCompany Voice Work
ROLE129130Foster; LucyStaff Director
ROLE113661Richardson; TomProduction Manager
ROLE104744Montemuro; TrishStage Manager
ROLE106614Bardsley; FionaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE104746Fox; ValerieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106615Speed; AndrewAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE128261Coe; JohannaCostume Supervisor
ROLE105844Seaman; MarkAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE128172Dyer; TimandraAssistant Production Manager
ROLE116962Murray; NickDesign Associate
ROLE129131Fricker; WilliamDesign Assistant
ROLE116316Pattison; KeithProduction Photographer
ROLE109089Cusack; PadraigProducer (NT)
ROLE129132Sweeting; NickProducer (Improbable)
ROLE129133McKenzie; KirstieGeneral Manager (Improbable)
ROLE129134Kean; SharonPublicist (Improbable)
ROLE129126Simpson; LeeAssociate Director
ROLE129129Austin; ChristopherMusic Arrangements
ROLE104389King; TerryFight Director
ROLE129135Greville-Bell; AnthonyScreenplay
ROLE115606Edis; SteveMusic Director
ROLE156175McDermott; PhelimWriter
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RNT/PP/5/465Theatre of Blood9 May 2005Rehearsal Photographs
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RNT/PP/2/2/242Theatre of Blood3 March 2005Lyttelton Posters
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RNT/E/3/3/218Theatre of Blood2005Background Packs
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