TitlePillars of the Community
AuthorIbsen, Henrik
Author TwoAdamson, Samuel (new version by)
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night10/21/2005
Press Night11/1/2005
Closing Night2/4/2006
Performance Length2 hours, 50 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsEvening Standard Theatre Awards for The Sydney Edwards Award for Best Director (Marianne Elliott)
Number of Performances46
Performer Roles
ROLE129710Gould; MichaelKnap, Bernick's clerk
ROLE129713Leventon; AnnabelMrs Rummel
ROLE129714Wood; KirstyHilda, Mrs Rummel's daughter
ROLE129715Stubbs; UnaMrs Holt
ROLE129716Malden; Jennifer ScottNetta, Mrs Holt's daughter
ROLE129717Alexander; GeraldineBetty, Bernick's wife
ROLE129718Dockery; MichelleDina Dorf, a young girl living in Bernick's house
ROLE129719Brennan; BrídMarta Bernick, Bernick's sister
ROLE129721Stanley; JackOlaf, Bernick's son
ROLE129722Wyld; HughOlaf, Bernick's son
ROLE129723Merrick; PamelaMrs Lynge
ROLE129724Lewis; DamianKarsten Bernick, a shipbuilder
ROLE129727Marshall; TomVigeland, a merchant
ROLE129728Molloy; SimonRummel, a wholesaler
ROLE129731Booth; CorneliusSandstad, a merchant
ROLE129732Manville; LesleyLona Hessel, Betty's half-sister
ROLE129735O'Brien; ItaEnsemble
ROLE129736Rimell; NathanEnsemble
ROLE110336Ruffer; NancyFlute
ROLE129751Thomas; MichaelRørlund, a schoolmaster
ROLE129753Salinger; JustinHilmar Tønnesen, Betty's cousin
ROLE139815Millson; JosephJohan Tønnesen, Betty's brother
ROLE131762Baron; DavidEnsemble
ROLE128256Bousie; MarkPiano
ROLE145190Moriarty; PaulAune, foreman of Bernick's shipyard
ROLE129739Shave; KatherineViola
ROLE130589Worsey; Christopher / ChrisCello
ROLE114604De la Mare; CalinaViolin
Creative Roles
ROLE113374Smith; RaeDesigner
ROLE106907Davey; ChrisLighting Designer
ROLE111182Fox; OllyMusic
ROLE113694Hurley: MajellaDialect Coach
ROLE113661Richardson; TomProduction Manager
ROLE129744Walker; TessaStaff Director
ROLE104866Rankin; AlisonStage Manager
ROLE128690Haffenden; NikDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE115156Nield; JoAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE128261Coe; JohannaCostume Supervisor
ROLE129748Pye; ChrisAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE128172Dyer; TimandraAssistant Production Manager
ROLE116962Murray; NickDesign Associate
ROLE129749Östergren; AnnaResearch
ROLE110410Annand; SimonProduction Photographer
ROLE129741Elliott; MarianneDirector
ROLE129743Dickinson; IanSound Designer
ROLE128216Bunzl; GeraldineAssistant to the Designer
ROLE130890Donoghue; Ben / BenjaminAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE145191Barslund; CharlotteLiteral Translator
ROLE103174Ibsen; Henrik (1828-1906)Playwright
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RNT/CO/1/508Pillars of the Community2005Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/2/2/329Pillars of the Community1 November 2005Lyttelton Posters
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RNT/SO/2/1/236Pillars of the Community23 November 2005Master Recordings
RNT/SO/2/2/238Pillars of the Community23 November 2005Viewing Recordings
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