TitleA Matter of Life and Death
AuthorMorris, Tom (adapted by)
Author TwoRice, Emma (adapted by)
Author ThreePowell, Michael and Pressburger, Emeric (adapted from film by)
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyKneehigh Theatre
Opening Night5/3/2007
Press Night5/10/2007
Closing Night6/21/2007
Performance Length1 hour, 55 minutes
Number of Performances44
Performer Roles
ROLE131090Atkinson; DorothyWoman
ROLE131091Barker; StuEnsemble musician
ROLE131092Bradley; JamieInjured soldier / Airman
ROLE131093Canham; Dan (Daniel)Boy
ROLE131094Chivers; FionaNurse
ROLE131095Fernandes; MerylNurse
ROLE131096Gardarsson; Gisli ÖrnConductor 71
ROLE131097Goodridge; ThomasInjured soldier / Airman
ROLE131098Griffin; TamzinChief Recorder
ROLE131099Hodge; DouglasFrank
ROLE131100Johnson; CraigBob
ROLE131101Judge; PeteEnsemble musician
ROLE131102Korley; DebbieGirl
ROLE131103Lawman; PieterInjured soldier / Airman
ROLE131104Lawton; DominicEnsemble Musician
ROLE131105Luckay; RóbertInjured soldier / Airman
ROLE131106Marshal; LyndseyJune
ROLE131107McLoughlin; StuartFirst Prosecutor
ROLE131108Okonkwo; ChikéMr Archer
ROLE131109Shepherd; MikeHarold
ROLE131110Stewart; LorraineNurse
ROLE131111Sturrock; TristanPeter
ROLE131112Vann; AlexEnsemble musician
ROLE131113Vince; MichaelEnsemble musician
ROLE131114Williams; AndyDr McEwen
ROLE131115Winkler; LizzieNurse
ROLE131116Woodward; KirstyNurse
Creative Roles
ROLE131085Morris; TomAdaptor
ROLE129005Rice; EmmaDirector / Co-adaptor / Co-choreographer
ROLE131086Mitchell; BillSet Designer
ROLE131087Mortimer; VickiCostume Designer
ROLE105997Henderson; MarkLighting Designer
ROLE131088Batton; DebraChoreographer
ROLE129022Barker; StuMusic
ROLE130724Driscoll; JonProjection Designer
ROLE131089Carrington; GemmaProjection Designer
ROLE148277Fry; GarethSound Designer
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RNT/AE/1/1/40A Matter of Life and Death19 May 2007Digital Performance Videos
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