TitleWar Horse
AuthorMorpurgo, Michael
Author TwoStafford, Nick (adapter)
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night10/9/2007
Press Night10/17/2007
Closing Night2/14/2008
Performance Length3 hours (including 20 minute interval)
Awards2007 Evening Standard Awards for Best Design (Rae Smith and Handspring Puppet Company)
2007 Critics' Circle Awards for Best Designer (Rae Smith and Handspring Puppet Company)
2008 Oliviers for Best Set Design (Rae Smith and Handspring Puppet Company), Best Theatre Choreographer (Toby Sedgwick)
2011 New York Outer Critics' Circle Awards for Outstanding New Broadway Play, Outstanding Director of a Play (Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris), Outstanding Lighting Design (Paule Constable), Special Achievement Award (Adrian Kohler with Basil Jones for Handspring Puppet) and Company Puppet Design, Fabrication and Direction
2011 New York Theatre World Award for Dorothy Loudon Award for Excellence (Seth Numrich)
2011 Broadway.com Audience Awards for Favourite Play
2011 New York Drama League Awards for Distinguished Production of a Play
2011 New York Drama Critics' Circle for Special Citation - The direction, design and puppetry
2011 New York Tony Awards for Best Play, Best Direction of a Play (Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris), Best Scenic Design of a Play (Rae Smith), Best Lighting Design of a Play (Paule Constable), Best Sound Design of a Play (Christopher Shutt) and Special Tony Award (Handspring Puppet Company)
2011 Group Leisure Awards for Best Theatre Production
2012 Whatsonstage.com Award for Best West End Show
2012 Toronto Theatre Critics Awards: Best Design: the creative team
2012 Toronto Dora Awards for Outstanding Costume Design - Rae Smith, Adrian Kohler with Basil Jones for Handspring Puppet Company: Outstanding Choreography (Toby Sedgwick) and Audience Choice Award
2012 Los Angeles Stage Alliance Ovation Awards for Best Presented Production
2013 Association for Cultural Enterprises Awards for Best New Range (the NT's War Horse merchandise) and Best Overall Product (the War Horse Goose puppet)
2012 Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards for Best Production (US tour at the Ahmanson Theatre, jointly with The Book of Mormon, Justin Love and Cyrano) and Best Lighting Design (Paule Constable and Karen Spahn)
2013 Manchester Theatre Awards for Best Visiting Production.
The 50+ Awards 2014 for Best 50+ Theatrical Show: Gold
2014 Group Travel Awards for Best Live Stage/Theatrical Performance
2014 Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards (South Africa) for Best Puppetry Design (Adrian Kohler and Basil Jones)

2008 Olivier nominations for Best New Play, Best Director (Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris), Best Lighting Design (Paule Constable), Best Sound Design (Christopher Shutt with music by Adrian Sutton and John Tams)
Number of Performances92
Content GuidanceThis production includes implied strong language. Age guidance 10+.
Performer Roles
ROLE131592Ballard; JamieMajor Nicholls
ROLE131593Barclay; AliceSwallow / Emilie
ROLE131594Barnett; JasonChapman Carter / Rudi
ROLE131595Barriscale; JamesSergeant Bone / Colonel Strauss / Sergeant Fine
ROLE131597Bubb; SimonCaptain Stewart / Soldat Schmidt
ROLE131598Caldwell; FinnJoey's mother, a horse / Goose / Topthorn / Veterinary Officer Martin
ROLE131600Chequer; PaulDavid Taylor / Soldat Schultz
ROLE131602Goodridge; ThomasYoung Joey / Topthorn
ROLE131603Harper; StephenJoey's mother, a horse / Dr Schweyk / Coco, a horse / Geordie
ROLE131604Jayasundera; ThusithaRose Narracott / Private Shaw
ROLE131605Kennerley; GarethVeterinary Officer Bright / Karl
ROLE131606Leo; CraigCrow / Joey
ROLE131607Leonard; RachelYoung Joey / Emilie
ROLE131608Lewis; TimTopthorn / Major Callahan
ROLE131610Millar; MervynYoung Joey / Emilie
ROLE131611Mytton; EmilyPaulette / Crow
ROLE131612Olie; TobySwallow / Joey / Crow
ROLE131613Sedgwick; TobyTed Narracott / Coco, a horse
ROLE131614Taylor-Rhys; AshleyNed Warren / Heine, a horse
ROLE131615Treadaway; LukeAlbert Narracott
ROLE131616Ward; HowardSergeant Thunder / Soldat Klebb
ROLE131617Williams; AlanArthur Warren / Soldat Manfred
ROLE131618Woodyatt; MatthewHeine, a horse / Ensemble
ROLE131619Wright; AngusHauptmann Friedrich Müller
ROLE131620Rae; ColinMusic Director / Trumpet / Flugelhorn / Bugle
ROLE131621Ashton; RichardFrench Horn / Tenor Horn
ROLE131622Callard; AndyTrumpet / Cornet / Piccolo trumpet
ROLE131623Evans; SusiClarinet
ROLE129640Holloway; TracyTrombone / Euphonium
ROLE131880Luther; TommyJoey
ROLE131915van Eyken; TimSong Man
Creative Roles
ROLE131624Stafford; NickAdaptor
ROLE131625Elliott; MarianneCo-director
ROLE131626Morris; TomCo-director
ROLE113374Smith; RaeDesigner
ROLE131627Jones; BasilPuppet Design and Fabrication
ROLE131628Kohler; AdrianPuppet Design and Fabrication
ROLE108347Constable; PauleLighting Designer
ROLE116274Sedgwick; TobyMovement Director
ROLE130847Sutton; AdrianMusic
ROLE131081Brough; HarveyMusic Director
ROLE130688Warner; LeoVideo Designer
ROLE131630Grimmer; MarkVideo Designer
ROLE104642Shutt; ChristopherSound Designer
ROLE131631Millar; MervynAssociate
ROLE106355Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice & Dialect Work
ROLE128169Milroy; SachaProduction Manager
ROLE130889Findlay; PollyStaff Director
ROLE109016Suffling; JaneStage Manager
ROLE110255Connop; IanAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE114599Duberry; CynthiaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE129661Liles; VickiAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE131633Hunt; JoAssistant Costume Supervisor
ROLE130934Smith; EllieProp Supervisor
ROLE130569Fricker; WilliamAssistant to the Designer
ROLE131634Morgan; SusannahAssistant to the Designer
ROLE129891Simmons; NickAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE116955Blazdell; TimDesign Associate
ROLE131356Reeves; AnthonyMusic Associate
ROLE110410Annand; SimonProduction Photographer
ROLE131635Roemer; HeikeGerman translation
ROLE131636Campbell; ChristopherFrench translation
ROLE106973Heyes; JaniceDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE131950Tams; JohnSongmaker
ROLE110078Richardson; TomAssistant Production Manager
ROLE151049Morpurgo; MichaelAuthor
ROLE128261Coe; JohannaCostume Supervisor
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