TitleThe Revenger's Tragedy
AuthorMiddleton, Thomas
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night5/27/2008
Press Night7/4/2008
Closing Night8/28/2008
Performance Length2 hours, 50 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances48
Performer Roles
ROLE131720Kinnear; RoryVindice, the revenger, sometimes disguised as Piato
ROLE131721Parker; JamieHippolito
ROLE131722Flynn; BarbaraGratiana
ROLE131723Manners; KatherineCastiza
ROLE131724Bones; KenAugustine Birrell / Doctor Klein
ROLE131725Andoh; AdjoaDuchess
ROLE131726Cowan; ElliotLussurioso, the Duke's son by a previous marriage
ROLE131727Carter; BillySpurio, the Duke's bastard son
ROLE131728Andrews; TomAmbitioso, the Duchess' son by a previous marriage
ROLE131729Heffernan; JohnSupervacuo, the Duchess' son by a previous marriage
ROLE131730Luther; TommyYounger Son, the Duchess' son by a previous marriage
ROLE131731Nagra; SimonAntonio, an old lord
ROLE131732Cabras; Donatella MartinaWhore / Gloriana
ROLE131733Doyle; ConorGentleman / Officer
ROLE131734Hinton; PeterPiero / Gentleman / Officer
ROLE131735Howard; DerekJudge / Keeper / Spurio's Man
ROLE131736Lawman; PieterJudge / Nobleman / Officer
ROLE131737Leaney; JaneNencio
ROLE131738McNeill; RobertSordido
ROLE131739Merrick; PamelaLady in Waiting
ROLE131740Nodine; RickLord / Guard
ROLE131741Shanks; RichardLord / Officer / Spurio's Man
ROLE131742Waiton; RossNobleman / Guard
ROLE131743Winkler; LizzieLady Antonio
ROLE131744Sutton; AdrianMusic Director / Viola / Violin / Cello / Bass Recorder
ROLE131745Bentley-Klein; Stephen (Steve)Violin / Viola
ROLE131747Arditti; JakeCounter tenor
Creative Roles
ROLE131746Moody; LauraCello
ROLE129947Still; MellyDirector / Set Designer
ROLE131749Still; MellyCo-designer
ROLE103830Middleton; Thomas (c. 1580-1627)Writer
ROLE130847Sutton; AdrianMusic
ROLE114079Arditti; PaulSound Designer
ROLE131750Nodine; RickMovement Director
ROLE128212Benzing; PaulFight Director
ROLE131751Moreno; MitchellPuppetry
ROLE106355Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice & Dialect Work
ROLE105677Willmott; DianeProduction Manager
ROLE129645Moreno; MitchellStaff Director
ROLE128170Hill; AnnaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE130661Biggs; AliAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE129582Wickham; JuliaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE129446Pennington; JillCostume Supervisor
ROLE131752Brett; CarolineAssistant to the Costume Supervisor
ROLE130941Shiell; KirstenProps Buyer (NT)
ROLE131043Kenny; SimonAssistant to the Designer
ROLE130556Stoddart; BekyAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE131437Hornsby; JoAssistant Production Manager
ROLE112524Bain; AlanDesign Assistant
ROLE130335Persson; JohanProduction Photographer
ROLE131753Green; TiCo-designer
ROLE108927Anderson; PaulLighting Designer
RNT/AE/1/2/79Melly Still on The Revenger's Tragedy13 June 2008Platform Video Recordings
PC/1/98The Revenger's Tragedy2008Set Photographs
RNT/SM/1/571aThe Revenger's Tragedy2008Prompt Scripts
RNT/SM/1/571The Revenger's Tragedy2008Prompt Scripts
RNT/CO/1/568The Revenger's Tragedy2008Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PP/2/3/299The Revenger's Tragedy2008Olivier Posters
RNT/E/3/3/108The Revenger's Tragedy2008Background Packs
RNT/PL/3/1046Melly Still on The Revenger's Tragedy13 June 2008Platforms Audio Recordings
RNT/PR/4/1/917The Revenger's Tragedy06/06/2008-28/08/2008Press Production Review Files
RNT/PR/2/4/541'The Revenger's Tragedy'c. [May] 2008Press Releases 2000-2009
RNT/PP/1/3/279The Revenger's Tragedy4 June 2008Olivier Programmes
RNT/PP/5/530The Revenger's Tragedy2008Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/PR/2/4/514Production News from Royal National Theatre7 April 2008Press Releases 2000-2009
RNT/SM/2/4/178The Revenger's Tragedy2008Olivier Show Reports
RNT/PP/3/1/3120082008NT Production related printwork
RNT/AE/1/1/87The Revenger's TragedyJune 2008Digital Performance Videos
RNT/AE/1/1/88The Revenger's TragedyJune 2008Digital Performance Videos
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