TitleBurnt By The Sun
AuthorFlannery, Peter
Author TwoMikhalkov, Nikita (from screenplay of)
Author ThreeIbragimbekov, Rustam (from screenplay of)
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/24/2009
Press Night3/9/2009
Closing Night5/21/2009
Performance Length2 hours, 25 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsOlivier for Best Lighting Design (Mark Henderson)
Olivier nominations for Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Michelle Dockery), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Rory Kinnear)
Number of Performances44
Performer Roles
ROLE132093Gibbs; HollyNadia
ROLE132091Bennett; SkyeNadia
ROLE132092Dockery; MichelleMaroussia, Nadia's mother
ROLE132094Hinds; CiaranKotov, Nadia's father
ROLE132095Jacobs; StephanieMokhova, the maid
ROLE132096Bell; DuncanVsevolod, Lidia's son
ROLE132097Merrick; PamelaOlga, Maroussia's mother
ROLE132098Cooper; RowenaLidia Stepanovna, Maroussia's grandmother
ROLE132099Carteret; AnnaElena, Lidia's friend
ROLE132100Burnett; AnnaLittle Girl
ROLE132101Hoffman; FlossLittle Girl
ROLE132102Webb; HattieLittle Girl
ROLE132103Martin; StuartKolya, a tank officer
ROLE132104Grady-Hall; MichaelAndrushya, tank officer
ROLE132105McMullan; TimKirik, Elena's son
ROLE132106Turner; TonyTruck Driver
ROLE132107Kinnear; RoryMitia (Dmitiri Andreevich)
ROLE132108Ringrose; RogerBlokhin
ROLE132109Haigh; ColinMironov
ROLE132110Cunningham; MarcusAronin
ROLE132111Kavanagh; AnneEnsemble
ROLE132112Lennox; VictoriaEnsemble
ROLE132113Pyke; CharlotteEnsemble
ROLE132114Elder; RuthThe Tango Band (violin)
ROLE132116Jackson; DanThe Tango Band (accordion)
ROLE132115Hart; RichardThe Tango Band (bass)
ROLE145137Clemence; BronwenYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145138Davies; SarahYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145139Jones; RebekahYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145140Lim; RaymondYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145141Lumsden; JamesYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145142McInnes; KrystianYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145143Mangan; MichaelaYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145144Norfield; LucyYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145145Parry-Crooke; JamesYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145146Pugh; DavidYoung Pioneer Band
ROLE145147Stoddart; CharlotteYoung Pioneer Band
Creative Roles
ROLE132132Milling; DavidStage Manager
ROLE132129Guthrie; BruceStaff Director
ROLE132136Nottage; MaggieProp Supervisor
ROLE132177Flannery; PeterWriter
ROLE104642Shutt; ChristopherSound Designer
ROLE132245Godfrey; KateCompany Voice Work
ROLE131708IgorProduction Manager
ROLE128170Hill; AnnaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE130661Biggs; AliAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE130214Farmery; IanAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE114595Mortimer; VickiDesigner
ROLE109408Mauro; LynetteCostume Supervisor
ROLE129694Davies; HowardDirector
ROLE104389King; TerryFight Director
ROLE105997Henderson; MarkLighting Designer
ROLE145135Harniess; GeoffreyCentre for Young Musicians Co-ordinator
ROLE128954Savvides; ChrisAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE129029Bain; AlanDesign Associate
ROLE110257Ashmore; CatherineProduction Photographer
ROLE132328Hornsby; JoDeputy Production Manager
ROLE145148Bigby; Anne-MarieAssistant to the Costume Designer
ROLE129491Mackmin; ScarlettChoreographer
ROLE107661Sekacz; IlonaMusic
RNT/PR/3/738Burnt By The Sun2009Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PR/3/726Burnt By The SunFebruary 2009Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PP/1/2/288Burnt By The Sun24 February 2009Lyttelton Programmes
RNT/SM/1/589aBurnt By The Sun2009 Prompt Scripts
RNT/SM/1/589bBurnt By The Sun2009 Prompt Scripts
RNT/PR/4/1/882Burnt By The Sun2009Press Production Review Files
RNT/CO/1/570aBurnt By The Sun2009Costume Department Production Files
RNT/CO/1/570bBurnt By The Sun2009Costume Department Production Files
RNT/R/1/4/3/167Burnt By The Sun2009Postcards
RNT/PP/2/2/263Burnt By The Sun3 March 2009Lyttelton Posters
RNT/PR/2/4/609'Burnt by the Sun'c. [February] 2009Press Releases 2000-2009
RNT/PR/2/4/608New Casting for January-May 2009c. [January] 2009Press Releases 2000-2009
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RNT/PR/2/4/525Production News from Royal National Theatre7 November 2008Press Releases 2000-2009
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RNT/SM/2/3/207Burnt by the Sun2009Lyttelton Show Reports
RNT/AE/1/1/129Burnt By The Sun4 April 2009Digital Performance Videos
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