TitleThe Power of Yes
AuthorHare, David
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night9/29/2009
Press Night10/6/2009
Closing Night4/18/2010
Performance Length1 hour, 55 minutes
Number of Performances87
Performer Roles
ROLE132375Calf; AnthonyThe Author
ROLE132376Rooper; JemimaMasa Serdarevic
ROLE132377Sinclair; MalcolmMyron Scholes, an academic / Adair Turner, Chair of the Financial Services Authority
ROLE132378Myers; BruceGeorge Soros, a hedge fund manager and philanothropist
ROLE132380Williams; SimonHarry Lovelock, a lawyer
ROLE132381Winkler; LizzieDeborah Solomon, a journalist
ROLE132382Rawle; JeffDavid Marsh, a banker / Tom Huish, an adviser, Citizens Advice Bureau
ROLE132383Roe; ChristianA Young Man at the Bank
ROLE132384Coy; Jonathan (1953 -)Howard Davies, first Chair of the Financial Services Authorithy
ROLE132385Bartholomew; IanPaul Hammond, a financial head-hunter / A Hedge Fund Manager
ROLE132386Tennant; NicolasJon Cruddas MP / Paul Mason, a television journalist
ROLE132388Sullivan; PeterScott Rudmann, a private equity investor
ROLE132389Gelder; IanDavid Freud, a government adviser and banker / Jon Moulton, a private equity investor
ROLE132390Freeman; PaulRonald Cohen, a private equity pioneer
ROLE132393Hollingworth; JohnA Northern Echo journalist / Simon Loftus, a bond trader
ROLE132394Tennant; NicolasPaul Mason, a television journalist
ROLE132395Cordery; RichardA Leading Industrialist / The Chair of a Mortgage Lender
ROLE132397Price; ClaireA Financial Times journalist
ROLE132398Ball; JulienEnsemble
ROLE132401Elstob; MarkEnsemble
ROLE132402Vicary; AlanEnsemble
ROLE132403Homer; SarahClarinet / Bass Clarinet
ROLE132404Parricelli; JohnGuitars
ROLE112581Cooper; NicholasCello
ROLE132405Harries; TimothyBass Guitar
ROLE132406Ricotti; FrankMarimba
Creative Roles
ROLE113658Jackson; AngusDirector
ROLE108347Constable; PauleLighting Designer
ROLE112517Warbeck; StephenMusic
ROLE113762Leonard; JohnSound Designer
ROLE132408Driscoll; JohnVideo and Projection Designer
ROLE132409Carrington; GemmaVideo and Projection Designer
ROLE132410Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice Leader
ROLE132411Serdarevic; MasaResearcher
ROLE132412Lewis; XeniaStage Manager
ROLE109358Crowley; BobDesigner
ROLE132245Godfrey; KateCompany Voice Work
ROLE144916Parkinson; AlProduction Manager
ROLE132452Belfield; RobinStaff Director
ROLE132132Milling; DavidStage Manager
ROLE106973Heyes; JaniceDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE128170Hill; AnnaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE138842Fiabane; CatAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE130661Biggs; AliAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106758Arditti; StephanieCostume Supervisor
ROLE132654Constable; Ellie / EleanorProp Supervisor
ROLE132516Todd; JamieAssistant to the Designer
ROLE132497Snell; TomAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE132885White; TomDesign Associate
ROLE132454Shilan; AmieProduction Assistant
ROLE132606Coomer; AlastairCasting
ROLE132455Horsley; JulietCasting
ROLE110257Ashmore; CatherineProduction Photographer
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RNT/PP/2/2/266The Power of Yes7 October 2009Lyttelton Posters
RNT/PP/5/692The Power of Yes2010Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/CO/1/653The Power of Yes2009Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PR/3/762The Power of Yes2009Rehearsal and Production Photographs
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RNT/PR/2/4/584Production News from Royal National Theatre - updated17 June 2009Press Releases 2000-2009
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RNT/SM/2/3/213The Power of Yes2009Lyttelton Show Reports
RNT/AE/1/1/142The Power of Yes24 October 2009Digital Performance Videos
RNT/AE/1/1/143The Power of Yes24 October 2009Digital Performance Videos
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