Alternative TitleEverybody Say Yeah Yeah
AuthorJones, Bill T. (conceived by)
Author TwoLewis, Jim (conceived by)
Author ThreeHendel, Stephen (conceived by)
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night11/6/2010
Press Night11/16/2010
Closing Night1/23/2011
Performance Length2 hours, 35 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsOlivier nomination for Best New Musical
Number of Performances53
Performer Roles
ROLE133142Ngaujah; SahrFela Anikulapo-Kuti
ROLE133143Bell; RolanAlternate Fela
ROLE129260Marshall; MelanieSadie
ROLE133144Marshall; MelanieFela's mother
ROLE133145Stein; CraigJK Brimar / Egungun
ROLE133152Ivory; PauletteSandra Izsadore
ROLE133153Allassane-Papson; SyllaIsmael / Geraldo Pino / Eshu
ROLE133154Crentsil; Kwame PeterDjembe drummer
ROLE133155Dubois; JacquiPalamena
ROLE133156Alberto; LydieOne of the Queens
ROLE133157Anderson; Sherinne KayraOne of the Queens
ROLE133159Belliot; CindyOne of the Queens
ROLE133160Bhebhe; NandiOne of the Queens
ROLE133161Douglas; ScarletteOne of the Queens
ROLE133163Gomis; PoundoOne of the Queens
ROLE133164McKoy-Patterson; TamaraOne of the Queens
ROLE133165Da Cruz; Catia MotaOne of the Queens
ROLE133166Okoroafor; PamelaOne of the Queens
ROLE133168Jawando; AishaOne of the Queens / Swings
ROLE133169Kamuyu; WanjiruOne of the Queens / Swings
ROLE133170Maxwell; Shelley-AnnOne of the Queens / Swings
ROLE133171Thrope; Jazmine JarretOne of the Queens / Swings
ROLE133172Rowe; JermaineOne of the Featured Dancers / Area Boys
ROLE133173Siobhan; Ira MandelaOne of the Featured Dancers / Area Boys
ROLE133174Andre; JonathanOne of the Area Boys / Swings
ROLE133175Levy; NyronOne of the Area Boys / Swings
ROLE133176Picaut; ThierryOne of the Area Boys / Swings
ROLE133178Thomas; Ricardo CokeOne of the Area Boys / Swings
ROLE133180Thurgur; JustinTrombone
ROLE133183Sosimi; DeleKeyboards
ROLE133185Skinner; TomKit
ROLE133187Singh; SatinPercussion
ROLE133191Ravalico; MaurizioCongas
ROLE133193Rahman; IdrisTenor saxophone
ROLE133195Osborn; TamarBaritone saxophone
ROLE133198Hopcraft; RobinTrumpet
ROLE133200Gingell; JonGuitar
ROLE133203Corns; LaurenceGuitar
ROLE133204Brown; HarryTrombone
ROLE133208Brichard; Jean-MarieBass
Creative Roles
ROLE138566Jones; Bill T.Director / Choreographer / Conceived by
ROLE138567Henry; MichaelVocal Music Director
ROLE132492Obisesan; GbolahanStaff Director
ROLE138568Draghici; MarinaDesigner
ROLE138569Wierzel; RobertLighting Designer
ROLE138570Kaplowitz; RobertSound Designer
ROLE138571Johnson; AaronMusic Supervisor
ROLE138577Johnson; AaronOrchestrations
ROLE138578Johnson; AaronArrangements
ROLE138573Nigrini; PeterProjection Designer
ROLE138572McLean; JordanMusic Supervisor / Arrangements
ROLE138574Jordan; CookieWigs and Make-up Designer
ROLE138575Smith; NiegelAssociate Director
ROLE138576Garcia; MaijaAssociate Choreographer
ROLE138583Corns; LaurenceMusic Director
ROLE138582Hopcraft; RobinMusic Director
ROLE138584Sosimi; DeleAfrobeat Music Consultant
ROLE138580Ailion; PippaCasting
ROLE138581Mungioli; Arnold J.Original US Casting
ROLE138639Kenton; TristramProduction Photographer
ROLE156179Lewis; JimConceived by
ROLE156180Hendel; StephenConceivef by
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RNT/PP/5/675FELA!2010Rehearsal Photographs
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