TitleThe Kitchen
AuthorWesker, Arnold
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night8/31/2011
Press Night9/7/2011
Closing Night11/9/2011
Performance Length2 hours, 20 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances49
Performer Roles
ROLE138684Jembere; TendayiMagi, night porter / Understudy: Michael
ROLE138685Burfield; IanMax, Butcher
ROLE138686Kelly; TriciaBertha, vegetable cook
ROLE138687Barry; NealFrank, second chef, poultry
ROLE138688Nicoli; VincenzoAlfred, roast
ROLE138689Ovarec; MarekHans, fry / Understudy: Peter
ROLE138690Brooke; TomPeter, boiled fish
ROLE138691Keenan; RoryKevin, fried fish
ROLE138692Demetraki; StavrosGaston, grill / Understudy: Nicholas
ROLE138693Norris; LukeMichael, eggs
ROLE138694Els; CraigeNicholas, cold buffet
ROLE128766Roukin; SamuelThorold
ROLE138696Monaco; GerardRaymondo, assistant pastry chef
ROLE138697McCleary; PaulHead Chef
ROLE138698Myers; BruceMarango, proprietor
ROLE138699McSweeney; SiobhanAnne, desserts and coffee
ROLE138700Pappas; HambiMangolis, kitchen porter / Understudy: Raymond / Understudy: Dimitri
ROLE138701Swann; SamDimitri, kitchen porter
ROLE138702Samuels; TimHead Waiter / Understudy: Paul
ROLE138703Haigh; ColinTramp / Understudy: Alfredo / Understudy: Marango
ROLE138704Lyons; KatieMonique
ROLE138705Humphries; RebeccaMolly / Understudy: Winnie / Understudy: Hettie / Understudy: Betty / Understudy: Jackie
ROLE138706Mowat; SarahWinnie
ROLE138707Heywood; RendahHettie
ROLE138708Thomson; RosieViolet / Understudy: Bertha
ROLE138709Thomas; StephanieDaphne / Understudy: Monique
ROLE138710Gibson; RuthGwen / Understudy: Daphne
ROLE138711Davies; RebeccaBetty / Understudy: Violet
ROLE138712Regan; JessicaCynthia
ROLE138713Sweeney; SarahJackie / Understudy: Anne / Understudy: Molly / Understudy: Gwen / Understudy: Cynthia
ROLE138714Aherne; MikeUnderstudy: Max / Understudy: Frank / Understudy: Chef / Understudy: Tramp
ROLE138715Ferretti; JakeUnderstudy: Magi / Understudy: Hans / Understudy: Kevin / Understudy: Mangolis / Understudy: Gaston / Understudy: Head Waiter
Creative Roles
ROLE131216Sheibani; BijanDirector
ROLE128732Cadle; GilesSet Designer
ROLE131507Junge; MoritzCostume Designer
ROLE105997Henderson; MarkLighting Designer
ROLE133461Jones; DanMusic / Sound
ROLE138326David; AlineMovement Director
ROLE138716Lee; JeremyCookery Consultant
ROLE113694Hurley: MajellaDialect Coach
ROLE133624Davies; MarkProduction Manager
ROLE138717Bender; RussellStaff Director
ROLE132600Thom; ShaneStage Manager
ROLE132200Mickel; NeilDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE138329Cole; AnnaAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE131587McDermott; Ella MayAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE126550Hall; PoppyCostume Supervisor
ROLE132136Nottage; MaggieProp Supervisor
ROLE138719Rice; PeterAssociate Sound Designer
ROLE133406Blazdell; TimDigital Artist
ROLE132633McGarrigle; JohnAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE138720Brett; ElizabethAssistant to the Set Designer
ROLE136912Brenner; MarcProduction Photographer
ROLE132606Coomer; AlastairCasting
ROLE139981Murray; NickProject Draughting
ROLE144473Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice Work
ROLE144891White; TomProject Draughting
ROLE106829Wesker; Arnold (1932-)Writer
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