TitleThis House
AuthorGraham, James
VenueCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night9/18/2012
Press Night9/25/2012
Closing Night12/1/2012
Performance Length2 hours, 45 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsOlivier nominations for Mastercard Best New Play, Best Director (Jerem Herrin)
Number of Performances40
Performer Roles
ROLE138758Franklin; VincentMichael Cox
ROLE138756Daniels; PhilBob Mellish
ROLE138760O'Neil; LaurenAnn Taylor
ROLE138761Wadham; JulianHumphrey Atkins
ROLE138762Edwards; CharlesJack Weatherill
ROLE138763Hughes; Edward / EdFred Silvester
ROLE138786Glenister; PhilipWalter Harrison
ROLE138787Ridings; RichardJoe Harper
ROLE138788Cauthery; GunnarClockmaker / Peebles / Redditch / Nuneaton / Ensemble
ROLE138789Godwin; ChristopherWoolwich W / Batley & Morley / Western Isles / Ensemble
ROLE138790Havill; AndrewWalsall N / Speaker in Act II / Plymouth Sutton / Ensemble
ROLE138791Lymbery; HelenaRochester & Chatham / Welwyn & Hatfield / Coventry SW / Lady Batley / Ensemble
ROLE138793Taylor; GilesSpeaker in Act I / Mansfield / Serjeant at Arms in Act II / West Lothian / Ensemble
ROLE138794Turner; TonyBromsgrove / Abingdon / Liverpool Edgehill / Paisley / Fermanagh / Ensemble
ROLE138795Vansittart; RupertEsher / Belfast W / Ensemble
ROLE138792Pidgeon; MatthewPaddington S / Chelmsford / S Ayrshire / Henley / Birmingham Perry Bar / Ensemble
ROLE145244Hustwit; JimGuitar
Creative Roles
ROLE107708Herrin; JeremyDirector
ROLE113374Smith; RaeDesigner
ROLE108347Constable; PauleLighting Designer
ROLE112517Warbeck; StephenMusic
ROLE137437Ambler; ScottChoreographer
ROLE137601Salam; ZabarjadCompany Voice Work
ROLE138327Dyer; PennyDialect Coach
ROLE138781Sandalli; JasmineProduction Manager
ROLE109016Suffling; JaneStage Manager
ROLE133731Brown; LouiseAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE132745Walshaw; LucyCostume Supervisor
ROLE132654Constable; Ellie / EleanorProp Supervisor
ROLE130693Winship; MikeAssociate Sound Designer
ROLE137490Bain; AlanProject Draughting
ROLE133406Blazdell; TimDigital Artist
ROLE138546Moore; MartyDeputy Production Manager
ROLE133403Marsden; AaronAssistant to the Designer
ROLE132606Coomer; AlastairCasting
ROLE130335Persson; JohanProduction Photographer
ROLE138796Murphy; JoeStaff Director
ROLE138797Martin; DanielAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE138798Hustwit; JimMusic Director
ROLE138799Edgington; SamBass
ROLE138800Castellitto; CristianoDrums
ROLE129743Dickinson; IanSound Designer
ROLE137134Pile; EmmaDigital Artist
ROLE132744Donoghue; Ben / BenjaminDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE145245Crimp; LydiaAssistant to the Costume Supervisor
ROLE147704Graham; JamesWriter
RNT/CO/1/562This House2012Costume Department Production Files
RNT/CO/2/4This House2012Costume Photographs
RNT/PP/2/4/308This House (version 2)25 September 2012Cottesloe Posters
RNT/PP/1/4/308This House2012Cottesloe Programmes
RNT/PP/2/4/307This House (Revival) (version 1)25 September 2013Cottesloe Posters
RNT/PL/3/1282This House - Now30 October 2012Platforms Audio Recordings
RNT/PR/4/1/1090This House (Chichester)2016Press Production Review Files
RNT/PR/4/1/1045This House2012-2013Press Production Review Files
RNT/PP/2/4/335This House 2012Cottesloe Posters
RNT/PL/7/52This House platforms2012Platforms Leaflets
RNT/SM/1/710This House2012Prompt Scripts
RNT/PR/3/935This House2012Production Photographs
RNT/PP/5/497This House2012Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/PP/5/513This House (Tour)2018Rehearsal Photographs
RNT/PL/3/1281This House - Then23 October 2011Platforms Audio Recordings
RNT/PR/2/5/270'This House' 2012Press Releases 2010-2019
RNT/PL/3/1274James Graham and Jeremy Herrin on This House8 October 2012Platforms Audio Recordings
RNT/PL/2/1487James Graham and Jeremy Herrin on This House08/10/2012Platforms Programmes
RNT/AE/1/2/425This House - Now30 October 2012Platform Video Recordings
RNT/PL/2/1495This House- Now With David Lammy and Elizabeth Truss30/10/2012Platforms Programmes
RNT/PL/2/1494This House- Then With Malcolm Rifkind and Shirley Williams23/10/2012Platforms Programmes
RNT/AE/1/2/417James Graham and Jeremy Herrin on This House8 October 2012Platform Video Recordings
RNT/AE/1/2/421Dominic Sandbrook: Seasons in the Sun19 October 2012Platform Video Recordings
RNT/AE/1/2/423In Conversation with Philip Glenister23 October 2012Platform Video Recordings
RNT/AE/1/2/424This House - Then23 October 2012Platform Video Recordings
RNT/AE/1/2/436The Political Diary28 November 2012Platform Video Recordings
RNT/AE/1/1/332This House2012Digital Performance Videos
RNT/AE/1/1/333This House2012Digital Performance Videos
RNT/SM/2/2/316This House2012Cottesloe Show Reports
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