TitleEdward II
AuthorMarlowe, Christopher
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night8/28/2013
Press Night9/4/2013
Closing Night10/26/2013
Performance Length2 hours, 45 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances37
Performer Roles
ROLE139620Heffernan; JohnKing Edward II
ROLE139621Kirby; VanessaQueen Isabella, wife to the King and sister to the King of France
ROLE139622Jones; BettrysPrince Edward, their son, later King Edward III
ROLE139623Bushell; KirstyKent, sister to the King
ROLE139625Martello-White; NathanielHugh Spencer
ROLE139626Addis; BenBaldock, a scholar and clerk
ROLE139627Beckett; AlexThe Earl of Lancaster / Maltravers, a creature of young Mortimer
ROLE139628Soller; KylePiers Gaveston / Lightborn, a murderer
ROLE139629Pidgeon; MatthewGuy, Earl of Warwick / Gurney, a creature of young Mortimer
ROLE139630Bentall; PaulLord Mortimer the elder
ROLE139631Holdbrook-Smith; KobnaLord Mortimer the younger, his nephew
ROLE139632Layden; PennyPembroke
ROLE139633Sibley; DavidThe Archbishop of Canterbury
ROLE139634Wilson; StephenThe Bishop of Coventry / Understudy: Spencer
ROLE139635Batchelor; IainThe Dogs / Understudy: Edward II
ROLE139636Carrington; NathalieThe Dogs / Understudy: Isabella / Understudy: Prince Edward
ROLE139637Helsby; JackThe Dogs / Understudy: Kent
ROLE139638Millar; DanielThe Dogs / Understudy: Mortimer the younger
ROLE139639Panchaud; JohnnyThe Dogs / Understudy: Gaveston / Understudy: Lightborn / Understudy: Pembroke
ROLE139640Satterthwaite; JamieThe Dogs / Understudy: Lancaster / Understudy: Maltravers / Understudy: Baldock
ROLE139641Winter; DanThe Dogs / Understudy: Mortimer the elder / Understudy: Archbishop of Canterbury
ROLE139642Yarrow; ThomasThe Dogs / Understudy: Warwick / Understudy: Gurney / Understudy: Bishop of Coventry
ROLE139643Cable; SamThe Pianist
Creative Roles
ROLE134184Farncombe; JamesLighting Designer
ROLE139644Clachan; LizzieSet Designer
ROLE139645Lowde; AlexCostume Designer
ROLE139646Kondek; ChrisVideo and Projection Designer
ROLE106751Yershon; GaryMusic
ROLE139648Knight; ImogenMovement Director
ROLE114079Arditti; PaulSound Designer
ROLE139649Cable; SamMusic Associate
ROLE139650Svendsen; ZoeDramaturg
ROLE104947Hussain; TariqProduction Manager
ROLE139651James; JeffStaff Director
ROLE133626Speed; AndrewStage Manager
ROLE128690Haffenden; NikDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE138487Baker; CaraAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE133627Heath; CharlotteAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE139652Penny; JemimaCostume Supervisor
ROLE130941Shiell; KirstenProps Buyer (NT)
ROLE132940Haggerty; Daniel / DanAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE139140Springett; TomProject Draughting
ROLE138493Radley-Bennett; DanielDigital Art
ROLE139653Pell; GaryDeputy Production Manager
ROLE139654Andrzejewski; RichardAssistant to the Set Designer
ROLE132455Horsley; JulietCasting
ROLE130335Persson; JohanProduction Photographer
ROLE104116Marlowe; Christopher (1564-1593)Playwright
ROLE144473Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice Work
ROLE151894Gibbins; Joe HillDirector
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RNT/PP/2/3/285Edward II3 September 2013Olivier Posters
PC/1/101Edward II2013Set Photographs
RNT/SM/1/656Edward II2013Prompt Scripts
RNT/PL/3/1331Joe Hill-Gibbins on Edward II16 September 2013Platforms Audio Recordings
RNT/CO/1/564Edward II2013Costume Department Production Files
RNT/PR/4/1/1048Edward II2013-2014Press Production Review Files
RNT/PR/3/887Edward II2013Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PR/2/5/333'Edward II' 2013Press Releases 2010-2019
RNT/PP/3/1/3620132013NT Production related printwork
RNT/E/3/3/191Edward II2013Background Packs
RNT/AE/1/1/245Edward II2013Digital Performance Videos
RNT/SM/2/4/216Edward II2013Olivier Show Reports
RNT/M/6/23Edward II2013Digital Publicity Material
RNT/PP/5/646Edward II2013Rehearsal Photographs
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