TitleNational Theatre 50 Years on Stage
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night11/1/2013
Closing Night11/2/2013
Performance Length2 hours
Number of Performances2
Performer Roles
ROLE140177Barker; MatthewFrancisco (Hamlet)
ROLE140178Townsend; StanleyBarnardo (Hamlet) / Big Jule (Guys and Dolls)
ROLE140179Martin; Anna MaxwellHoratio (Hamlet) / Hannah Jarvis (Arcadia)
ROLE140181Jacobi; DerekGhost (Hamlet) / Spooner (No Man's Land)
ROLE140182Cumberbatch; BenedictRosencrantz (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead)
ROLE140183Holdbrook-Smith; KobnaGuildenstern (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead)
ROLE140184Smith; Dame; Maggie (1934-)Mrs Sullen (The Beaux' Stratagem)
ROLE140185Findlay; DeborahMatron (The National Health)
ROLE140186Service; MaggieSister (The National Health) / Agatha (Guys and Dolls) / Gwenda Aaron (The Absence of War) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Spinger - The Opera)
ROLE140188Vinall; OliviaSweet (The National Health) / Chloe Coverly (Arcadia)
ROLE140189Cross; MattBarnet (The National Health) / Nathan Detroit (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140190Hayes; JamesMackie (The Natioanl Health)
ROLE140191O'Donnell; AnthonyAsh (The National Health) / Shepherd 1 (The Mysteries)
ROLE140192McMullan; TimFlagg (The National Health)
ROLE140193Kay; CharlesLoach (The National Health)
ROLE140194Grainger; GawnFoster (The National Health)
ROLE140195Terry; MichelleDr Bird (The National Health) / Shepherd 3 (The Mysteries)
ROLE140197Gambon; Sir; MichaelHirst (No Man's Land)
ROLE140198Le Prevost; NicholasErnest (Bedroom Farce)
ROLE140199Wilton; PenelopeDelia (Bedroom Farce)
ROLE140200Rowe; CliveNicely-Nicely (Guys and Dolls)
ROLE140201Lumley; NicholasArvide Abernathy (Guys and Dolls) / Journalist (Pravda)
ROLE140202Clarke; Sharon DGeneral Cartwright (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140205Bould; SophieSarah Brown (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140206Hobbs; Alexis OwenMission Girl (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140212Doherty; JamesCast (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera) / Alfie (London Road)
ROLE140216Holder; NickCast (Guys and Dolls) / Chucky (Jerry Springer - The Opera) / Ron (London Road)
ROLE140220Wilcox; RussellCast (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140222Fiennes; RalphLambert Le Roux (Pravda)
ROLE140223Edwards; CharlesMichael Quince, MP (Pravda)
ROLE140224Parker; JamieEaton Sylvestor (Pravda) / Scripps (The History Boys)
ROLE140225Knott; AndrewDPP Payne (Pravda) / Lockwood (The History Boys)
ROLE140226Chamberlain; MartinJournalist (Pravda)
ROLE140228Haigh; ColinJournalist (Pravda)
ROLE140229Henders; RichardCast (Guys and Dolls) / Cliveden Whicker-Baskett (Pravda) / Dwight (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140230Mitchell; IainMac "Whipper" Wellington (Pravda)
ROLE140231Dench; Dame; JudiCleopatra (Antony and Cleopatra) / Désirée Armfeldt (A Little Night Music)
ROLE140233Scott; AndrewPrior Walter (Angels in America)
ROLE140234Cooper; DominicLouis Ironson (Angels in America) / Dakin (The History Boys)
ROLE140235Sampson; NickLinus Frank (The Absence of War)
ROLE140236Eccleston; ChristopherGeorge Jones, MP (The Absence of War)
ROLE140239Neil; AaronTrevor Avery (The Absence of War) / Wise Man 2 (The Mysteries)
ROLE140240Marshal; LyndseyMary Housego (The Absence of War) / Mary (The Mysteries)
ROLE140243Sinclair; MalcolmOliver Dix (The Absence of War) / Colonel Pickering (My Fair Lady)
ROLE140244Coke; JudithLinus Frank's PA (The Absence of War)
ROLE140246Bailey; JonathanValentine Coverly (Arcadia)
ROLE140250Cotton; OliverFredrik Egerman (A Little Night Music)
ROLE140251Baruwa; EdwardCast (Guys and Dolls) / Joesph (The Mysteries) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140254Ridings; RichardShepherd 2 (The Mysteries)
ROLE140256Msamati; LucianWise Man 1 (The Mysteries)
ROLE140258Inocian; JunixWise Man 3 (The Mysteries)
ROLE140259Beale; Simon Russell (12/01/1961-)Hamlet (Hamlet)
ROLE140260Allam; RogerHeisenberg (Copenhagen)
ROLE140261Craig; RosalieEliza Doolittle (My Fair Lady) / Helen (London Road)
ROLE140262Jennings; AlexHenry Higgins (My Fair Lady) / George Bush (Stuff Happens)
ROLE140264Pigott-Smith; TimEzra Mannon (Mourning Becomes Electra)
ROLE140265Mirren; HelenChristine (Mourning Becomes Electra)
ROLE140266Brandon; MichaelJerry (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140270Lixenberg; LoréPeaches (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140273Brewis; KevinCast (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140277Fleetwood; KateCast (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera) / Julie (London Road)
ROLE140279Graves; TiffanyAudience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140281Henry; AkiyaLake (The National Health) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140283Parker; AlastairCast (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140287Ward; HowardCast (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera) / Terry (London Road)
ROLE140291Owen; LloydTony Blair (Stuff Happens)
ROLE140292Bennett; Alan (1934-)Hector (The History Boys)
ROLE140293Correia; PhilipRudge (The History Boys)
ROLE140296Dhawan; SachaPosner (The History Boys)
ROLE140297Elliott; MarcAkthar (The History Boys)
ROLE140298Corden; JamesTimms (The History Boys) / Francis Henshall (One Man, Two Guvnors)
ROLE140301Merrison; CliveHeadmaster (The History Boys)
ROLE140302Campbell Moore; StephenIrwin (The History Boys)
ROLE140303van Eyken; TimSong Man (War Horse)
ROLE140304Holden; JackAlbert (War Horse)
ROLE140305Cubitt; LauraJoey as a Foal - Head (War Horse)
ROLE140306Colebrook; KateJoey as a Foal - Heart (War Horse)
ROLE140307Kempton; LouiseJoey as a Foal - Hind (War Horse)
ROLE140308Olie; TobyJoey - Head (War Horse)
ROLE140309Wilton; ThomasJoey - Heart (War Horse)
ROLE140310Brett; MichaelJoey - Hind (War Horse)
ROLE140314Thornley; PaulCast (Guys and Dolls) / Andrew Buchan (The Absence of War) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera) / Dodge (London Road)
ROLE140315Hateley; LinziLindsay Fontaine (The Absence of War) / Jane (London Road) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140318Wisbey; DuncanCast (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera) / Gordon (London Road)
ROLE140319Sloane; NicolaMartha (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera) / Rosemary (London Road)
ROLE140320Moore; ClaireJune
ROLE140323Lester; AdrianMarcellus (Hamlet) / Othello (Othello)
ROLE140324Kinnear; RoryDolabella (Antony and Cleopatra) / Bernard Nightingale (Arcadia) / Iago (Othello)
ROLE140325Tour; Frances de laKay (Epilogue: The Habit of Art)
ROLE140326Anderson; SamuelCrowther (The History Boys) / ASM (Epilogue: The Habit of Art)
ROLE140390Jiear; AlisonShawntel (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE140322Fowler; HalTim (London Road)
ROLE140278Glew; JonathanCast (Guys and Dolls) / Audience Chorus (Jerry Springer - The Opera)
ROLE133562Briggs; MartinPercussion
Creative Roles
ROLE106749Thompson; MarkDesigner
ROLE105997Henderson; MarkLighting Designer
ROLE114079Arditti; PaulSound Designer
ROLE139605Valentine; GarethMusic Director
ROLE132766Hawkes; RobinProducer
ROLE140327Davies; HowardDirector (Mourning Becomes Electra)
ROLE140329Norris; RufusDirector (London Road)
ROLE140330Avery; CristinaAssociate Choreographer (Guys and Dolls)
ROLE140331Logan; FergusAssociate Choreographer (My Fair Lady)
ROLE140332Sims; AlexAssociate Director (War Horse)
ROLE140333Caldwell; FinnAssociate Puppetry Director (War Horse)
ROLE140334Shrubsole; DavidMusic Director (London Road)
ROLE140335Van Someren; TimDirector for Television
ROLE140336Dolling; PhilHead of Events, BBC
ROLE140337Paterson; ElaineExecutive Producer, BBC
ROLE136438Handley; PaulProduction Manager
ROLE140339Lumsden; EricCompany Manager
ROLE130859Marsland; DavidStage Manager
ROLE128170Hill; AnnaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE140340Bardsley; FionaStage Management
ROLE140341Farmery; IanStage Management
ROLE140342Rowe; PollyStage Management
ROLE107893Bohan; IreneCostume Supervisor
ROLE140344Trickett; HannahCostume Supervisor Assistant
ROLE133574Ronning; MariusDeputy Production Manager
ROLE139981Murray; NickProject Draughting
ROLE138492Morris; EmmaProject Draughting
ROLE138493Radley-Bennett; DanDigital Art
ROLE140345Rowell; LawrenceDigital Art
ROLE112898Spon; WendyCasting
ROLE136925Sutton; CharlotteCasting
ROLE132455Horsley; JulietCasting
ROLE133438Bevan; CharlotteCasting
ROLE140347Nelson; JuliaAssistant Producer
ROLE140349Davies; BernieBroadcast Lighting Director
ROLE140350Guthrie; HarryBroadcast Production Manager
ROLE140351Keith; EmmaProducer National Theatre Live
ROLE140352Marriage; MikeCameraman and Editor (Short films)
ROLE140353Cholawo; JanEditor (Short films)
ROLE140354Norton; JamesAssociate Producer (Short films)
ROLE140355Vinter; AndrewKeyboards 1
ROLE140356McCarthy; PeterKeyboards 2
ROLE140357Smith; SteveGuitar
ROLE140358Richardson; DonDouble Bass / Bass Guitar
ROLE113757Cox; AllanDrums
ROLE140360Findon; AndrewPiccolo / Flute / Alto Saxophone
ROLE140361McGill; HowardFlute / Clarinet / Alto Saxophone
ROLE140362Craig; JayClarinet / Bass Clarinet / Baritone Saxophone
ROLE140363Barclay; JohnTrumpet / Flugelhorn
ROLE140364Crowley; AndyTrumpet / Flugelhorn
ROLE140365Coles; TobyTrumpet / Flugelhorn
ROLE140366Campbell; GordonTrombone
ROLE140367Gunner; MattHorn
ROLE106135Tunstall; HelenHarp
ROLE140368Marshall; MelanieSinger
ROLE140369Price; Stuart MatthewSinger
ROLE140370Quade; VeritySinger
ROLE140371Sharkey; RossSinger
ROLE140372Sheen; CarolineSinger
ROLE140373Xavier; MichaelSinger
ROLE140374Egan; ChristopherOrchestral Arrangements
ROLE140377Rosenbaum; MartinProducer (BBC Arena: The National Theatre)
ROLE140378Low; AdamDirector (BBC Arena: The National Theatre)
ROLE140379Hytner; Sir; Nicholas (1956-)Director / Compiled by
ROLE140380Haill; LynCompiled by
ROLE140382Lyons; TomCompiled by
ROLE140383Sabel; DavidExecutive Producer / Compiled by
ROLE140384Wright; NicholasCompiled by
ROLE140386Heffernan; JohnCompilation Assistant
ROLE140387Jennings; AlexCompilation Assistant
ROLE140388Manville; LesleyCompilation Assistant
ROLE140389Beale; Simon Russell (12/01/1961-)Compilation Assistant
ROLE140392Fenton; GeorgeMusic for short films
ROLE140393Penford; AdamAssociate Director
ROLE140394Bretnall; Christopher CTechnical Producer (Broadcast)
ROLE110257Ashmore; CatherineProduction Photographer
ROLE140348Fletcher; ConradBroadcast Sound Supervisor
ROLE130941Shiell; KirstenProps Buyer (NT)
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