TitleEmil and the Detectives
AuthorKastner, Erich
Author TwoMiller, Carl (adaptor)
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night11/16/2013
Press Night12/4/2013
Closing Night3/18/2014
Performance Length2 hours (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances89
Performer Roles
ROLE140424Hammer; EthanEmil Tischbein
ROLE140425Murray; TobyEmil Tischbein
ROLE140426Patten; DanielEmil Tischbein
ROLE140427Frederick; NaomiIda Tischbein / Neustadters and Berliners
ROLE140428Griffin; TamzinMrs Wirth / Neustadters and Berliners
ROLE140429Barnett; JasonThe Man on the 177 tram / Neustadters and Berliners
ROLE140430Bray; PeterNeustadters and Berliners / Understudy: Mr Tuesday
ROLE140431Coote; JonathanMr Tuesday / Neustadters and Berliners / Understudy: Mr Snow
ROLE140432Dubois; JacquiMadame Mimi, a cabaret singer / Neustadters and Berliners / Understudy: Mrs Gans
ROLE140433Flynn; JudyMrs Keuchen, a train passenger / Miss Zettel, tram conductor / Neustadters and Berliners / Understudy: Miss Kloss / Understudy: Mrs Tuesday / Understudy: Mrs Schlesinger
ROLE140434James-Neale; RichardNeustadters and Berliners / Understudy: Officer Weiss
ROLE140435Jerrold; EmmaMiss Kloss, waitress / Neustadters and Berliners / Understudy: Ida / Understudy: Mrs Keuchen / Understudy: Madame Mimi
ROLE140436Kenion; EllaMrs Jakob, a train passenger / Mrs Tuesday / Mrs Sclesinger, of the Kommerz Private Bank / Neustadters and Berliners / Understudy: Miss Zettel
ROLE140437Kirby; BarbaraMrs Gans, a grumpy adult / Neustadters and Berliners / Understudy: Mrs Wirth / Understudy: Mrs Jakob / Understudy: Grandma
ROLE140438Samuels; TimOfficer Weiss / Neustadters and Berliners / Understudy: The Man from the 177 Tram
ROLE140439Wallace; SueGrandma / Neustadters and Berliners
ROLE140440McQuarrie; StuartMr Snow
ROLE140441Daugirda; JessicaPony the Hat
ROLE140442Hutchinson; LucyPony the Hat
ROLE140443Lee; IzzyPony the Hat
ROLE140444Farmer; GeorgieToots
ROLE140445Fava; SamuelToots
ROLE140446Kennedy; BillyToots
ROLE140447Clement; OliverThe Professor
ROLE140448Sargent; TomThe Professor
ROLE140449Walsh; DanielThe Professor
ROLE140450Hameed; KeyaanTuesday
ROLE140451Peat; JohnnyTuesday
ROLE140452Smith; NathanielTuesday
ROLE140453Grant; SerenaHilde
ROLE140454Papaminas; DemiHilde
ROLE140455Wilmot; AimeeHilde
ROLE140456Barnes; CarysSilent Irene / Isaac
ROLE140457Falck; DamonSilent Irene / Isaac
ROLE140458Hajee; ZaynaSilent Irene / Isaac
ROLE140459Donn; ReecePetzold
ROLE140460Fontaine; GusPetzold
ROLE140461Quartley; RyanPetzold
ROLE140462Babatunde; AyishatGerda
ROLE140463Carricker; EvieGerda
ROLE140464Jacob; DaisyGerda
ROLE140465Amos; KevinMusic Director
ROLE140466Mallett; GavinTrumpet
ROLE140467Moore; JeffViolin / Accordian
ROLE140468Richards; NerysCello
ROLE140469Robertson; MartinReeds
ROLE140470Senior; MatthewPercussion
ROLE140472Aigbogun; MelArnie Middleton
ROLE140473Kanu; IbrahimArnie Middleton
ROLE140474Miles; TahjArnie Middleton
ROLE140491Allen; FrancesscaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140492Atymtayeva; NicoleCast, Team Drew
ROLE140493Bailey; CharlesCast, Team Drew
ROLE140494Cowley; Artemas NicollCast, Team Drew
ROLE140495Cowley; Beatrix NicollCast, Team Drew
ROLE140496Craig; NoaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140497Dickinson; LukeCast, Team Drew
ROLE140498Duong; JaimeCast, Team Drew
ROLE140499Ferguson; LaraCast, Team Drew
ROLE140500Foster; EmilyCast, Team Drew
ROLE140501Foster; MarcoCast, Team Drew
ROLE140502Fraser-Brett; BradleyCast, Team Drew
ROLE140503Garcia; JamesCast, Team Drew
ROLE140505Giscombe; ShakiraCast, Team Drew
ROLE140506Greis; RubyCast, Team Drew
ROLE140507Haggerty; DaniCast, Team Drew
ROLE140508Howard; MayaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140509Kennedy; AlexaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140510Knight; KhairyaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140511Lassen; EliyahCast, Team Drew
ROLE140512Lee; MeganCast, Team Drew
ROLE140513Lourenco; SoniaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140514Lowdermilk-Oppenheim; SaschaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140515Lucas; LouellaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140516Lynch; NatashaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140517Lyness; EdCast, Team Drew
ROLE140518McCarthy-Steed; GraceCast, Team Drew
ROLE140519McDonagh; Iona JadeCast, Team Drew
ROLE140520McDonagh; MorganCast, Team Drew
ROLE140521Maloney; IsabellaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140522Manaka; EricCast, Team Drew
ROLE140523Medcalf; JoshuaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140524Memeh; EstherCast, Team Drew
ROLE140525Merovci; ArberCast, Team Drew
ROLE140526Miller-Escaffey; IsabelleCast, Team Drew
ROLE140527Miller-Escaffey; SebastienCast, Team Drew
ROLE140528Nuthall; ElsaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140529O'Sullivan; JakeCast, Team Drew
ROLE140530Pinto; LucasCast, Team Drew
ROLE140531Roberts; IsobelCast, Team Drew
ROLE140532Robinson; AlexCast, Team Drew
ROLE140533Scott-Brown; LoganCast, Team Drew
ROLE140534Skirrow; RuthCast, Team Drew
ROLE140535Smith; Tygar MilesCast, Team Drew
ROLE140536Tandu; BrittanyCast, Team Drew
ROLE140537Usanga; EmemCast, Team Drew
ROLE140538Vrolijk; Melanie ChristinaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140539Wawrzyniak; OliwiaCast, Team Drew
ROLE140540Wheatley; Helena CaroneCast, Team Drew
ROLE140543Lassen; IndigoCast, Team Drew
ROLE140544Barrett; FrancescaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140545Clowes; ArthurCast, Team Marple
ROLE140546Coy; SophieCast, Team Marple
ROLE140547Dennis; CourtneyCast, Team Marple
ROLE140548Dermody-Palmer; KatieCast, Team Marple
ROLE140549Dixon; DarcyCast, Team Marple
ROLE140550Dutton; JoshCast, Team Marple
ROLE140551El-Mrabet; EmamCast, Team Marple
ROLE140552Firkins; MillieCast, Team Marple
ROLE140553Gerrard; CalanthaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140554Gisleskog; Emma OlssonCast, Team Marple
ROLE140555Gjurra; KlaidiCast, Team Marple
ROLE140556Grosset; BlueCast, Team Marple
ROLE140557Harper; TheoCast, Team Marple
ROLE140558Harper-Jones; EdwardCast, Team Marple
ROLE140559Holden; BlessingCast, Team Marple
ROLE140560Howard; ZafraCast, Team Marple
ROLE140561Hughes; KeanuCast, Team Marple
ROLE140562Hutton; RebeccaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140563Keenan; AlfieCast, Team Marple
ROLE140564Konjusha; JetaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140565Konteh; Amina MarisaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140566Krasniqi; DiokleaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140567Lavelle; BenCast, Team Marple
ROLE140568Luta; EnesaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140569Markantois; CelineCast, Team Marple
ROLE140570Marks; NicholasCast, Team Marple
ROLE140571Marques; EllaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140572Moore; Ava NixeyCast, Team Marple
ROLE140573Morriss-Buchanan; JarredCast, Team Marple
ROLE140574O'Daly; AnnaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140575Osineye; ModeniolaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140576Pahl; TessCast, Team Marple
ROLE140577Park; OrianaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140578Patsalou; LucaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140579Paul; BluebellCast, Team Marple
ROLE140580Reyntiens; Samuel GrantCast, Team Marple
ROLE140581Riley; CooperCast, Team Marple
ROLE140582Russell; AuroraCast, Team Marple
ROLE140583Ryan; LillyCast, Team Marple
ROLE140584Sadiku; Naila AzizatCast, Team Marple
ROLE140585Saxby; HannahCast, Team Marple
ROLE140586De Sa Da Silva; WilliamCast, Team Marple
ROLE140587Spielmann; AndrewCast, Team Marple
ROLE140588Spielmann; EmilyCast, Team Marple
ROLE140589Thomas; AliyahCast, Team Marple
ROLE140590Thomas; GeorgiaCast, Team Marple
ROLE140591Ward; RoseCast, Team Marple
ROLE140592Witcher; JodieCast, Team Marple
ROLE140593Woodruffe; ThomasCast, Team Marple
ROLE140594Adams; ThomasCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140595Allen; KittyCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140596Anderson; GraceCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140597Babalola-Davies; DeborahCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140598Balmer; GeorgeCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140599Balmer; IsobelCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140600Bennett; FinnCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140601Binyam; MillionCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140602Brady; EllaCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140603Broadbridge; ArchieCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140604Brown; BenjaminCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140605Caine; Georgia-MaeCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140606Cater; JosieCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140607Christie; TallulaCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140608Clemens; JordanCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140609Devaney-Jones; HeloiseCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140610Efejuku; Anne-EliseCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140611Efejuku; Marie-AntoinetteCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140612Hammon; ZaraCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140613Henderson; HalCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140614Isaac; HannahCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140615Kellegher; MeganCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140616Kelly; SamCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140617King; ElleCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140618Kirkham; MollyCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140619Knight; AvaCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140620Knight-Barrett; LeahCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140621McCrystal; SeanCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140622O'Connor; MalachyCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140623Ogunlana; MaryaliceCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140624Oweh; ErykahCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140625Parker; KatherineCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140626Partridge; IsabellaCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140627Partridge; LouisCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140628Pearson-Tay; FredrickCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140629joe pikeCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140630Rivers-Graham; MayaCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140631Schiavo; ElenaCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140632Sears; MeenaCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140633Sneath; DaisyCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140634Sneath; MollyCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140635Taverner; KeeleyCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140636Thevathasan; RamaniCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140637Thomas; EbonyCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140638Thomas; SamCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140639Toth; HarleyCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140640Wallace; OttalineCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140641Wilson; SophieCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140642Wilshire; KatherineCast, Team Sherlock
ROLE140643Winrow; KristenCast, Team Sherlock
Creative Roles
ROLE131216Sheibani; BijanDirector
ROLE104514Christie; BunnyDesigner
ROLE138326David; AlineMovement Director
ROLE140475Carter; LucyLighting Designer
ROLE140476Englishby; PaulMusic
ROLE14047759 ProductionsProjection Design
ROLE137122Yount; BretFight Director
ROLE129743Dickinson; IanSound Designer
ROLE138719Rice; PeterAssociate Sound Designer
ROLE132245Godfrey; KateCompany Voice Work
ROLE138554Ryder; RichardCompany Voice Work
ROLE131708IgorProduction Manager
ROLE140478Jones; JesseStaff Director
ROLE140479Kempson; EmilyStaff Director
ROLE140480Lowe; KatieAssistant Movement Director
ROLE140481Tonge; GemmaStage Manager
ROLE112341Nield; JoStage Manager
ROLE140482Cole; AnnaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE140483Booth; ChrisAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE138811Sully; LauraAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE108353Waterman; CarolineCostume Supervisor
ROLE140484Kirk; SukieAssistant to Costume Supervisor
ROLE130966Lake; ChrisProp Supervisor
ROLE137522Halter; PaulProject Draughting
ROLE138493Radley-Bennett; DanDigital Art
ROLE139653Pell; GaryDeputy Production Manager
ROLE140485Sadler; VerityAssistant to the Designer
ROLE132940Haggerty; Daniel / DanAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE140486Sutton; CharlotteChildren's Casting / Adult Casting
ROLE140487Spon; WendyAdult Casting
ROLE140488Hawes; JoChildren's Administrator
ROLE140489Smith; DeniseHead Chaperone
ROLE140490Zollhauser; StefanBerlin Historical Guide
ROLE136912Brenner; MarcProduction Photographer
ROLE139464Dicker; MarianneAssistant Producer
ROLE156162Kastner; ErichOriginal novel
ROLE156163Miller; CarlAdaptor
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