TitleA Taste of Honey
AuthorDelaney, Shelagh
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night2/10/2014
Press Night2/17/2014
Closing Night5/11/2014
Performance Length2 hours, 40 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances66
Performer Roles
ROLE140790Sharp; LesleyHelen
ROLE140791O'Flynn; KateJosephine, her daughter
ROLE140792Lennox Kelly; DeanPeter, her friend
ROLE140793Abreda; Eric KofiJimmie
ROLE140794Hepple; HarryGeoffrey
ROLE140795Adler; KateUnderstudy: Josephine
ROLE140796Baxter; GregUnderstudy: Geoffrey
ROLE140797Mitchell; MilesUnderstudy: Jimmie
ROLE140798Rose; MarkUnderstudy: Peter
ROLE140799Thom; SarahUnderstudy: Helen
Creative Roles
ROLE131216Sheibani; BijanDirector
ROLE113012Bechtler; HildegardDesigner
ROLE108927Anderson; PaulLighting Designer
ROLE140476Englishby; PaulMusic
ROLE138326David; AlineMovement Director
ROLE129743Dickinson; IanSound Designer
ROLE132245Godfrey; KateCompany Voice Work
ROLE138652Ryder; RichardDialect Coach
ROLE140800Ince; OlaStaff Director
ROLE139988Barron; MartinProduction Manager
ROLE104866Rankin; AlisonStage Manager
ROLE133438Bevan; CharlotteCasting
ROLE140420Brown; BenDeputy Production Manager
ROLE128690Haffenden; NikDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE140801Bowman; SophieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE137490Bain; AlanProject Draughting
ROLE140802Pile; EmmaDigital Art
ROLE129677Hunt; LauraCostume Supervisor
ROLE140803Holtom; AshleyCostume Show Buyer
ROLE140804Hill; RenataWigs, Hair & Make-up Supervisor
ROLE130966Lake; ChrisProp Supervisor
ROLE140702Winter; CamillaProp Buyer
ROLE140805Binks; Steven / SteveLighting Supervisor
ROLE140806Dutton; JaneLighting Programmer
ROLE140807Caplen; AlexProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE140808Roebuck; JonasSound Operator
ROLE140809Tuff; DaveStage Supervisor
ROLE140810O'Neill; DannyRigging Supervisor
ROLE140812Sim; RobertRigging Supervisor
ROLE140813Arnold; AshleyAutomation Programmer
ROLE140814Booth; RichardAutomation Programmer
ROLE140816Sheppard; PaulConstruction Supervisor
ROLE113907Smith; LukeAssistant to the Designer
ROLE136912Brenner; MarcProduction Photographer
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RNT/PL/3/1360Hildegard Bechtler and Bijan Sheibani on A Taste of Honey20 February 2014Platforms Audio Recordings
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RNT/LI/1/76A Taste Of HoneyFebruary 2013Scripts - First Drafts
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