TitleThe Habit of Art
AuthorBennett, Alan
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night11/5/2009
Press Night11/17/2009
Closing Night5/19/2010
Performance Length2 hours, 25 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsRoyal Television Society Awards 2010: Alan Bennett and The Habit of Art (More4)
Number of Performances111
Performer Roles
ROLE132518Griffiths; RichardFitz (WH Auden)
ROLE132519Jennings; AlexHenry (Benjamin Britten)
ROLE132520Scarborough; AdrianDonald (Humphrey Carpenter)
ROLE132521Wight; StephenTim (Stuart)
ROLE132522Belcher; LaurenceCharlie (Singer)
ROLE132523Farrant; OttoCharlie (Singer)
ROLE132524Graham; TobyCharlie (Singer)
ROLE132525Childs; PhilipBrian (originally Boyle)
ROLE132527Levey; ElliotNeil (Author)
ROLE132528Tour; Frances de laKay (Stage Manager)
ROLE132529Heffernan; JohnGeorge (Assistant Stage Manager)
ROLE132530Kirby; BarbaraJoan (Chaperone)
ROLE132531Burns; DannyMatt (Sound)
ROLE132532Chamberlain; MartinRalph (Dresser)
ROLE132533Attwood; TomTom (Rehearsal Pianist)
Creative Roles
ROLE128720Hytner; Sir; Nicholas (1956-)Director
ROLE109358Crowley; BobDesigner
ROLE105997Henderson; MarkLighting Designer
ROLE109045Scott; MatthewMusic
ROLE108080Groothuis; PaulSound Designer
ROLE105677Willmott; DianeProduction Manager
ROLE131665Fall; NadiaStaff Director
ROLE130859Marsland; DavidStage Manager
ROLE106614Bardsley; FionaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE104746Fox; ValerieAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE106620Bench; JanetCostume Supervisor
ROLE130966Lake; ChrisProp Supervisor
ROLE128954Savvides; ChrisAssistant to the Lighting Designer
ROLE132535Singh; AlexAssistant Production Manager
ROLE116962Murray; NickDesign Associate
ROLE132516Todd; JamieAssistant to the Designer
ROLE112898Spon; WendyCasting
ROLE132455Horsley; JulietCasting
ROLE130335Persson; JohanProduction Photographer
ROLE132536Cusack; PadraigProducer (on tour)
ROLE132245Godfrey; KateCompany Voice Work
ROLE132534Nield; JoAssistant Stage Manager (Rehearsals)
ROLE106243Bennett; Alan (1934-)Playwright
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