TitleGreat Britain
AuthorBean, Richard
VenueLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night6/30/2014
Press Night6/30/2014
Closing Night8/23/2014
Performance Length2 hours, 45 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Awards2014 Whatsonstage.com Award for Best Actress in a Play (Billie Piper)
Number of Performances74
Performer Roles
ROLE144047Crowley; DermotPaschal O'Leary, Proprietor
ROLE144048Glenister; RobertWilson Tekkel, Editor
ROLE144049Chubb; WilliamGarth Ellerington, Finance
ROLE144050Piper; BilliePaige Britain, News Editor
ROLE144051Dockery; JoVirginia White, New York New York / DI Da Costa / Understudy: Paige Britain
ROLE144052Ross BoatmanHunter Dixon, News
ROLE144053Sampson; NickHoward Woolf, Features
ROLE144054Mitchell; IainBilly Cain (Legend), Sport
ROLE144056Calvert; RobertLarry Arthur, Crime / Bodger, Private Detective / Understudy: Paschal O'Leary / Understudy: Howard
ROLE144057Harkness; JamesWallace Gee, Showbiz / Kieron Mills
ROLE144058Annis; SarahTina Ursal, Celebrity / Babs, Stella's friend / Understudy: Virginia White / Understudy: DI Da Costa
ROLE144059Kirby; BarbaraMaddy Fitzpatrick
ROLE144060Shirley; KellieGemma Charles, Foreign / Stella Stone / Understudy: Felix
ROLE144061Mitchell; MilesThierry Picq, Intern / Sergeant Ojo / Understudy: Jasper / Understudy: Wallace
ROLE144062Hallard; IanJimmy the Bins, Freelance / Felix, Royal Protection Squad / Understudy: Legend / Understudy: Dickie
ROLE144063Karim; ScottMarcus Hussein, Freelance / Understudy: Kassam / Understudy: DCI Cram
ROLE144064Neil; AaronCommissioner Sully Kassam
ROLE144065Chris; OliverAsst. Commissioner Donald Doyle Davidson
ROLE144066Woodall; AndrewMac MacManaman, Head of PR
ROLE144067Wilkins; JosephDCI Cram / Jasper Donald, Cricketer / Joan, Security / Understudy: Donald Doyle Davidson / Understudy: Wilson
ROLE144068Vansittart; RupertJonathan Whey, Conservative Leader / Stevie, Provate Detective
ROLE144069McCarthy; MaggieDiane Bendall, Labour MP
ROLE144070Stamell; KirunaWendy Klinkard, Solicitor
ROLE144071Lumley; NicholasBoris Tudor / Stella's Dad / Understudy: Jonathan Whey / Understudy: Garth
ROLE144072Thorpe; HarrietClarissa Kingston-Mills, PR Consultant / Stella's Mum
ROLE144086Essiedu; PaapaTV Anchor
ROLE144087Gillett; DebraTV Anchor
ROLE144088Wardley; NikyTV Anchor
ROLE144089Armstrong; RosieTV Reporter
ROLE144090Bradley; CassieTV Reporter
ROLE144091Davies; Matthew LloydTV Reporter
ROLE144092Matsuura; EleanorTV Reporter
ROLE144093Millar; DanielTV Reporter
ROLE144094Taylor; SamuelTV Reporter
ROLE144095Waiton; RossTV Reporter
ROLE144096Taylor; Jonathan DrydenSelect Committee Chairman
ROLE144097Boncza; TonyArchbishop
ROLE144098Bailey; JonathanOther part
ROLE144099Bailey; LucyOther Part
ROLE144100Bevan; CharlotteOther Part
ROLE144101Boulcher; LewisOther Part
ROLE144102Burnicle; ColinOther Part
ROLE144103Cassidy; AbbyOther Part
ROLE144104Cauthery; GunnarOther Part
ROLE144105Charlton; RichardOther Part
ROLE144106Correia; VictorOther Part
ROLE144108Debono; DanielOther Part
ROLE144109Evans; SamanthaOther Part
ROLE144110Gray; LukeOther Part
ROLE144111Haigh; ColinOther Part
ROLE144113Henry; LennyOther Part
ROLE144114Hughes; ClaireOther Part
ROLE144115Killalea; RobertOther Part
ROLE144116Lindsay; NigelOther Part
ROLE144117Lowe; RaphaelOther Part
ROLE144118Lyons; TomOther Part
ROLE144119Miller; FranOther Part
ROLE144120Nightingale; AnnaOther Part
ROLE144121Pryce; NatalieOther Part
ROLE144122Richardson; AlanOther Part
ROLE144123Roxburgh; JamesOther Part
ROLE144124Saunders; RussellOther Part
ROLE144125Scott; MatthewOther Part
ROLE144126Vinall; OliviaOther Part
ROLE144127Walters; BrianOther Part
ROLE144129Watford; DaisyOther Part
Creative Roles
ROLE128720Hytner; Sir; Nicholas (1956-)Director
ROLE107509Hatley; TimDesigner
ROLE14407359 ProductionsVideo Design
ROLE108984Austin; NeilLighting Designer
ROLE130176Olding; GrantMusic
ROLE114079Arditti; PaulSound Designer
ROLE132245Godfrey; KateCompany Voice Work
ROLE144074Brown; AlexStaff Director
ROLE144075Coleman; CliveStory Consultant
ROLE136438Handley; PaulProduction Manager
ROLE112898Spon; WendyCasting
ROLE133438Bevan; CharlotteCasting
ROLE132600Thom; ShaneStage Manager
ROLE115156Nield; JoAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE128690Haffenden; NikDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE131587McDermott; Ella MayAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE144076Mercer; ChrisDeputy Production Manager
ROLE140709Hendry; EmmaProject Draughting
ROLE137752Galloway; JackCostume Supervisor
ROLE140710Blair; GillianWigs, Hair & Make-up Supervisor
ROLE130966Lake; ChrisProp Supervisor
ROLE140702Winter; CamillaProp Buyer
ROLE144078Willis; SianProp Buyer
ROLE141563Clayton; Laurence / LaurieLighting Supervisor
ROLE141565Price; JoelSound Operator
ROLE141497Bilkey; DominicProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE144080O'Neill; DannyStage Supervisor
ROLE144081Marden; MartinKey Person
ROLE140715Peavot; BarryRigging Supervisor
ROLE144082Morgans; Matthew / Mogzi BromleyVideo Production Engineer
ROLE144083Murfin; DanielVideo Programmer
ROLE144084Simmons; NickVideo Programmer
ROLE140964Hensen; KasperAssistant to the Designer
ROLE130969Tulley; PaulAssistant to the Designer
ROLE144085Yelland; DavidProduction Consultant
ROLE130335Persson; JohanProduction Photographer
ROLE144559Wheatley; NadeneLighting Programmer
ROLE140701Holmes; SarahCostume Show Buyer
ROLE107520Bean; RichardWriter
ROLE138493Radley-Bennett; DanielDigital Art
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RNT/PP/2/2/355Great Britain2014Lyttelton Posters
RNT/PP/2/2/359Great Britain2014Lyttelton Posters
RNT/PP/1/2/327Great Britain2014Lyttelton Programmes
RNT/SM/1/757aGreat Britain2014Prompt Scripts
RNT/SM/1/757bGreat Britain2014Prompt Scripts
RNT/PR/4/1/990Great Britain2014Press Production Review Files
RNT/PR/4/1/1058Great Britain2014-2015Press Production Review Files
RNT/CO/5/9Great Britain2014Costume Descriptions
RNT/PR/3/897Great Britain2014Rehearsal and Production Photographs
RNT/PR/2/5/411'Great Britain'25 June 2014Press Releases 2010-2019
RNT/AE/1/1/273Great Britain2014Digital Performance Videos
RNT/CO/2/13Great Britain2014Costume Photographs
RNT/SM/2/3/252Great Britain2014Lyttelton Show Reports
RNT/PP/5/651Great Britain2014Rehearsal Photographs
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