TitleBehind The Beautiful Forevers
AuthorHare, David (adapted by)
Author TwoBoo, Katherine (based on the book by)
VenueOlivier Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyNational Theatre; 1963-
Opening Night11/10/2014
Press Night11/18/2014
Closing Night5/5/2015
Performance Length2 hours, 50 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
Number of Performances80
Performer Roles
ROLE144424Abeysekera; HiranSunil Sharma
ROLE144425Zaman; AssadDeepak Rai, aka Kalu / Understudy: Rahul Waghekar / Understudy: Mirchi Husain / Understudy: Taufeeq / Understudy: Guard
ROLE144426Vasan; AnjanaManju Waghekar, Asha's daughter
ROLE144427Street; StephanieAsha Waghekar
ROLE144428Zaza; ShaneAbdul Husain
ROLE144430Garewal; SartajMahadeo Waghekar, Asha's husband / Airport Director / Understudy: Raja Kamble / Understudy: Karam Husain / Understudy: The Master
ROLE144431Chera; Gavi SinghRahul Waghekar / Understudy: Clerk of the Court
ROLE144432Syal; MeeraZehrunisa Husain, Abdul's mother
ROLE144433Mohindra; AnjliKehkashan Husain, Zehrunisa's daughter
ROLE144434Ebrahim; VincentKaram Husain, Zehrunisa's husband
ROLE144436Sibtain; ChookSub-Inspector Shankar Yeram, aka Fishlips / Prosecutor
ROLE144438Jayasundera; ThusithaFatima Shaikh / Judge PM Chauhan
ROLE144439Patani; RonakMirchi Husain, Abdul's brother / Understudy: Sunil Sharma / Understudy: Abdul Husain / Understudy: Nagare
ROLE144440Rose; AnneikaMeena Chinnu
ROLE144441Mann; ManjeetCynthia Ali, a neighbour / Understudy: Asha Waghekar / Understudy: Laxmi Chinnu
ROLE144442Haque; MariamOfficer Kulkarni / Clerk of the Court / Understudy: Meena Chinnu / Understudy: Kehkashan Husain / Understudy: Manju Waghekar
ROLE144443Chinapyel; Tia-LanaNoori Shaikh, Fatima's daughter
ROLE144444Mehta; NikitaNoori Shaikh, Fatima's daughter
ROLE144446Stevens; AshaniNoori Shaikh, Fatima's daughter
ROLE144447Armin; NathaliePoornima Paikiro, Special Executive Officer
ROLE144448Krishnamma; RanjitAbdul Shaikh, Fatima's husband / Raja Kamble
ROLE144449Alladi; EshGuard at Dongri / Defender / Understudy: Mahaedo Waghekar / Understudy: Airport Director / Understudy: Abdul Shaikh / Understudy: Kalu / Understudy: Judge Dhiran
ROLE144450Aron; PalThe Master / Judge CK Dhiran
ROLE144451Khan; MuzzTaufeeq / Nagare / Understudy: Kulkarni / Understudy: Fish Lips / Understudy: Defender / Understudy: Prosecutor
ROLE144452Patel; BhartiLaxmi Chinnu, Meena's mother / Understudy: Poornima Paikrao / Understudy: Cynthia Ali / Understudy: Judge Chauhan / Understudy: Fatima Shaikh / Understudy: Zehrunisa Husain
ROLE144445Palamathanan; TiaNoori Shaikh
Creative Roles
ROLE144471James; Jack HenryVideo Designer
ROLE144473Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice Work
ROLE144474Lydon; DanieleCompany Voice Work
ROLE144475Salam; ZabarjadDialect Coach
ROLE144476Lim; EmilyStaff Director
ROLE144481Gunter; SaraAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE144483Tonge; GemmaDeputy Production Manager
ROLE144485Blazdell; TimDigital Art
ROLE144486Lemaitre; SabineCostume Supervisor
ROLE144487Holtom; AshleyCostume Buyer
ROLE144488Cooke; MelissaCostume Assistant
ROLE144490Shiell; KirstenProp Supervisor
ROLE144491Johnston; RebeccaProp Buyer
ROLE144492Duddleston; AbiProp Buyer
ROLE144493Haggerty; Daniel / DanLighting Supervisor
ROLE144494Murfin; DanielLighting Programmer
ROLE144496Winship; MikeSound Operator
ROLE144498McDonagh; PaulRigging Supervisor
ROLE144499Weir; DuncanAutomation Programmer
ROLE144501Dart; SteveSpecial Effects Operator
ROLE144504Minetou; LoukiaAsisstant to the Designer
ROLE144506Tripathi; UnnatiResearch Assistant, Mumbai
ROLE144507Thomas; SitaMovement Advisor
ROLE112898Spon; WendyCasting
ROLE114079Arditti; PaulSound Designer
ROLE132022Waters; KateFight Director
ROLE140716Wanklin; PaulArmourer / Special Effects Supervisor
ROLE116209Smith; Richard HubertProduction Photographer
ROLE130859Marsland; DavidStage Manager
ROLE128170Hill; AnnaDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE108347Constable; PauleLighting Designer
ROLE140704Ferguson; EdProduction Sound Engineer
ROLE140816Sheppard; PaulConstruction Supervisor
ROLE115343Hare; David (1947-)Adaptor
ROLE139989Peach; BryonyAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE140705Gosling; Richard W CStage Supervisor
ROLE136438Handley; PaulProduction Manager
ROLE138402Cooper; OliverProject Draughting
ROLE130413Norris; RufusDirector
ROLE140804Hill; RenataWigs, Hair & Make-up Supervisor
ROLE140718Cooper; IanScenic Painting Supervisor
ROLE133567Lindsay; KatrinaDesigner
ROLE133403Marsden; AaronAssistant to the Designer
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