TitlePeople, Places and Things
AuthorMacmillan, Duncan
VenueDorfman Theatre, National Theatre
Performance TypeFirst Production
CompanyCo-production between National Theatre; 1963- and Headlong
Opening Night8/25/2015
Press Night9/1/2015
Closing Night11/4/2015
Performance Length2 hours, 20 minutes (including 20 minute interval)
AwardsOliviers for Best Sound Design (Tom Gibbons), Best Actress (Denise Gough)
Olivier nominations for White Light Award for Best Lighting Dedign (James Farncombe), Virgin Atlantic Best New Play
Number of Performances42
Performer Roles
ROLE146346Gough; DeniseEmma
ROLE146347McMonagle; KevinPaul / Dad
ROLE146348Marten; BarbaraDoctor / Therapist / Mum
ROLE146349Martello-White; NathanielMark
ROLE146350Cope; AlistairFoster
ROLE146351George; SallyMeredith / Ensemble
ROLE146352Beswick; Jacob JamesT / Ensemble
ROLE146353Dubois; JacquiJodi / Ensemble
ROLE146354Blair-Mangat; NariShaun / Ensemble
ROLE146355Woodward; LauraLaura / Ensemble
ROLE153672alexandra hooverAdditional Cast (New York Transfer)
ROLE153673maddison ridleyAdditional Cast (New York Transfer)
ROLE153674stephanie sutherlandAdditional Cast (New York Transfer)
Creative Roles
ROLE107708Herrin; JeremyDirector
ROLE131433Christie; BunnySet Designer
ROLE126539Cunningham; ChristinaCostume Designer
ROLE134184Farncombe; JamesLighting Designer
ROLE143818Herbert; MatthewMusic
ROLE145458Gibbons; TomSound Designer
ROLE140416Goulding; AndrzejVideo & Projection Designer
ROLE140674Bennett; PollyMovement
ROLE144473Nelson; JeannetteCompany Voice Work
ROLE138652Ryder; RichardDialect Coach
ROLE141768Race Roughan; HollyStaff Director
ROLE145668Rifaat; TariqProduction Manager
ROLE112898Spon; WendyCasting
ROLE109016Suffling; JaneStage Manager
ROLE132744Donoghue; Ben / BenjaminDeputy Stage Manager
ROLE110255Connop; IanAssistant Stage Manager
ROLE145662Ni Mhochain; ClionaDeputy Production Manager
ROLE137490Bain; AlanProject Draughting
ROLE138492Morris; EmmaProject Draughting
ROLE140802Pile; EmmaDigital Art
ROLE146356Todd; PeterCostume Supervisor
ROLE140804Hill; RenataWigs, Hair & Make-up Supervisor
ROLE144490Shiell; KirstenProp Supervisor
ROLE146357Auvache; ClaireProp Buyer
ROLE140822Knott; PaulLighting Supervisor
ROLE144333Greaves; KateLighting Programmer
ROLE144082Morgans; Matthew / Mogzi BromleyVideo Production Engineer
ROLE144083Murfin; DanielVideo Programmer
ROLE146358Moores; RichardVideo Technical Support
ROLE145646Caplen; AlexSound & Video Supervisor
ROLE144328Macpherson; KyleSound Operator
ROLE146359Robinson; JodyStage Supervisor
ROLE146360Gonzalez; KieranRigging Supervisor
ROLE140717Cotton; DaveConstruction Supervisor
ROLE146362Kirchner; CassScenic Art Supervisor
ROLE130335Persson; JohanProduction Photographer
ROLE146363Finch; HennyProducer (Headlong)
ROLE109089Cusack; PadraigProducer (NT)
ROLE146364Macmillan; DuncanPlaywright
ROLE153660Anderson; LukeAssistant Production Manager (New York Transfer)
ROLE153661Contard; LaurenProduction Assistant (New York Transfer)
ROLE153662Macartney; KierDeck Carpenter / Automation (New York Transfer)
ROLE153663Cohen; MichaelDeck Carpenter (New York Transfer)
ROLE153664Stewart; AaliyahDeck Carpenter (New York Transfer)
ROLE153665Ballantyne; BroderickLight Board Operator (New York Transfer)
ROLE153666Schloegel; SamDeck Sound / Video (New York Transfer)
ROLE153667Sinnott; KellyWardrobe Supervisor (New York Transfer)
ROLE153668White; RachaelWigs, Hair and Make-Up Supervisor (New York Transfer)
ROLE153669Roberge; AmandaDresser / Wigs, Hair and Mak-Up (New York Transfer)
ROLE153670Stewart; KyleDresser (New York Transfer)
ROLE153671Reyes; EmeryDeck Carpenter / Dresser (New York Transfer)
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RNT/AE/1/1/351People, Places and Things2016Digital Performance Videos
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