NameAyliff; Sue / Susanna
Production - Creative
337Four to OneYoung Vic8/5/1976
PERF6389JumpersLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre9/21/1976
343PlunderThe Old Vic1/12/1976
408StrifeOlivier Theatre, National Theatre11/24/1978
PERF8899PlunderLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre3/19/1976
392The WomanOlivier Theatre, National Theatre8/4/1978
364Bow DownCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre7/4/1977
388BrandOlivier Theatre, National Theatre4/14/1978
323The Playboy of the Western WorldThe Old Vic 10/22/1975
PERF6390The Playboy of the Western WorldLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre6/3/1976
479Man and SupermanOlivier Theatre, National Theatre1/16/1981
366The Plough and the StarsOlivier Theatre, National Theatre9/15/1977
PERF10316An Entertainment for the testing of the Acoustics of the Lyttelton TheatreLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre2/4/1976
376The Country WifeOlivier Theatre, National Theatre11/9/1977
321EngagedThe Old Vic 8/2/1975
359VolponeOlivier Theatre, National Theatre4/21/1977
5873Sue / SusannaAyliff
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