NameGhirardani; Paul
RoleAssistant to the Designer
Production - Creative
662Festival of New Plays: The MurderersCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre9/23/1985
537Kick for TouchCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre2/9/1983
555Venice Preserv'd Lyttelton Theatre, National Theatre4/6/1984
668Festival of New Plays: Five Play Bill - Sunday MorningCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre11/6/1985
540Danton's DeathOlivier Theatre, National Theatre7/15/1982
534Major BarbaraLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre10/18/1982
608A Little Hotel on the SideOlivier Theatre, National Theatre8/3/1984
669Festival of New Plays: Five Play Bill - In the BlueCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre11/6/1985
671Festival of New Plays: Five Play Bill - Up for NoneCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre11/6/1985
670Festival of New Plays: Five Play Bill - BouncingCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre11/6/1985
663Festival of New Plays: True Dare KissCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre10/3/1985
664Festival of New Plays: As I Lay DyingCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre10/15/1985
PERF6593Festival of New Plays: Command or PromiseCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre10/24/1985
667Festival of New Plays: Five Play Bill - A Twist of LemonCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre11/6/1985
672Festival of New Plays: The Garden of EnglandCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre11/14/1985
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