NameNelson; Jeannette
RoleCompany Voice & Dialect Work
Production - Creative
PERF6859Major BarbaraOlivier Theatre, National Theatre2/26/2008
PERF6893OedipusOlivier Theatre, National Theatre10/8/2008
PERF9757Double Feature: NightwatchmanThe Paintframe8/26/2011
PERF9756Double Feature: The SwanThe Paintframe7/18/2011
1764Oh What a Lovely WarSwanley Recreation Ground3/19/1998
PERF7151Death and The King's HorsemanOlivier Theatre, National Theatre4/1/2009
PERF8891A Small Family BusinessOlivier Theatre, National Theatre4/1/2014
PERF6863FramOlivier Theatre, National Theatre4/10/2008
PERF8866From Morning to MidnightLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre11/19/2013
1559FrogsGulbenkian Theatre, University of Kent at Canterbury2/8/1996
PERF8763TableThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre4/9/2013
PERF6883The Revenger's TragedyOlivier Theatre, National Theatre5/27/2008
PERF7126England People Very NiceOlivier Theatre, National Theatre2/4/2009
PERF6862Never So GoodLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre3/17/2008
PERF9755Double Feature: Edgar and AnnabelThe Paintframe8/18/2011
PERF8905HotelTemporary Theatre (formerly The Shed), National Theatre5/31/2014
PERF8875King LearOlivier Theatre, National Theatre1/14/2014
1577Light Shining in BuckinghamshireCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre1/9/1997
1650Remembrance of Things Past Cottesloe Theatre, National Theatre11/17/2000
PERF6776Saint JoanOlivier Theatre, National Theatre7/4/2007
PERF6854Much Ado About NothingOlivier Theatre, National Theatre12/10/2007
PERF9787Here Lies LoveDorfman Theatre, National Theatre9/30/2014
PERF9784The James Plays: James II - Day of the InnocentsOlivier Theatre, National Theatre9/15/2014
PERF9574MedeaOlivier Theatre, National Theatre7/15/2014
PERF6752The Rose TattooOlivier Theatre, National Theatre3/19/2007
PERF7164All's Well That Ends WellOlivier Theatre, National Theatre5/19/2009
PERF9783The James Plays: James I - The Key Will Keep The LockOlivier Theatre, National Theatre9/10/2014
PERF9785The James Plays: James III - The True MirrorOlivier Theatre, National Theatre9/19/2014
PERF6836The Emperor JonesOlivier Theatre, National Theatre8/22/2007
PERF9760Double Feature: There Is A WarThe Paintframe8/26/2011
PERF6860War HorseOlivier Theatre, National Theatre10/9/2007
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