NameHobbs; William
Production - Creative
481The Ticket-of-Leave ManCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre2/5/1981
377Sir Gawain and the Green KnightLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre12/5/1977
314Romeo and JulietThe Old Vic 8/28/1974
410A Fair QuarrelOlivier Theatre, National Theatre2/5/1979
266A Woman Killed with KindnessThe Old Vic 4/6/1971
255The White DevilThe Old Vic 11/11/1969
451As You Like ItOlivier Theatre, National Theatre7/27/1979
267CoriolanusThe Old Vic 5/6/1971
277Richard IIThe Old Vic3/28/1972
390MacbethOlivier Theatre, National Theatre5/27/1978
465OthelloOlivier Theatre, National Theatre3/14/1980
520Don QuixoteOlivier Theatre, National Theatre6/10/1982
1581King LearCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre3/21/1997
PERF6415The Beaux' StratagemThe Old Vic 4/7/1970
100OthelloThe Old Vic4/23/1964
154A Bond HonouredThe Old Vic5/31/1966
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