NameBevan; Charlotte
Production - Creative
PERF8792Romeo and Juliet The Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre5/21/2013
PERF8817HomeThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre8/7/2013
PERF8891A Small Family BusinessOlivier Theatre, National Theatre4/1/2014
PERF8866From Morning to MidnightLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre11/19/2013
PERF8763TableThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre4/9/2013
PERF10303LoveDorfman Theatre, National Theatre12/6/2016
PERF8885A Taste of HoneyLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre2/10/2014
PERF9884Light Shining in BuckinghamshireLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre4/15/2015
PERF8905HotelTemporary Theatre (formerly The Shed), National Theatre5/31/2014
PERF9781Great BritainLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre6/30/2014
PERF9811DaraLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre1/20/2015
PERF8865National Theatre 50 Years on StageOlivier Theatre, National Theatre11/1/2013
PERF7720GreenlandLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre1/25/2011
PERF9844Rules for LivingDorfman Theatre, National Theatre3/13/2015
PERF9980We Want You To WatchTemporary Theatre (formerly The Shed), National Theatre6/11/2015
PERF10011The Comedy Of ErrorsTemporary Theatre (formerly The Shed), National Theatre10/21/2015
PERF10038Here We GoLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre11/25/2015
PERF10007Husbands & SonsDorfman Theatre, National Theatre10/19/2015
PERF7719Twelfth NightCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre1/11/2011
PERF9975Our Country's GoodOlivier Theatre, National Theatre8/19/2015
PERF10079Another World: Losing Our Chidren to Islamic StateTemporary Theatre (formerly The Shed), National Theatre4/9/2016
PERF10077Les BlancsOlivier Theatre, National Theatre3/22/2016
PERF9816Treasure IslandOlivier Theatre, National Theatre12/3/2014
PERF10337Angels in America: PerestroikaLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre4/24/2017
PERF10336Angels in America: Millennium ApproachesLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre4/11/2017
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