NameMorris; Emma
RoleProject Draughting
Production - Creative
PERF8849The World of Extreme HappinessThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre9/25/2013
PERF8817HomeThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre8/7/2013
PERF8794The Hush The Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre7/17/2013
PERF8763TableThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre4/9/2013
PERF10130The Deep Blue SeaLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre6/1/2016
PERF10786Rutherford and SonLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre5/16/2019
PERF8772Mission DriftThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre6/5/2013
PERF8632Moon on a Rainbow ShawlCottesloe Theatre, National Theatre3/7/2012
PERF9812The Hard ProblemDorfman Theatre, National Theatre1/21/2015
PERF8865National Theatre 50 Years on StageOlivier Theatre, National Theatre11/1/2013
PERF9910The Red LionDorfman Theatre, National Theatre6/3/2015
PERF10034Evening At The Talk HouseDorfman Theatre, National Theatre11/17/2015
PERF8715The MagistrateOlivier Theatre, National Theatre11/14/2012
PERF9787Here Lies LoveDorfman Theatre, National Theatre9/30/2014
PERF10646I'm Not RunningLyttelton Theatre10/2/2018
PERF10277AmadeusOlivier Theatre, National Theatre10/19/2016
PERF10722When We Have Sufficiently Tortured Each OtherDorfman Theatre, National Theatre1/16/2019
PERF9976People, Places and ThingsDorfman Theatre, National Theatre8/25/2015
PERF10422FolliesOlivier Theatre, National Theatre8/22/2017
PERF8868The ElephantomThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre12/10/2013
PERF10865Master Harold... and the BoysLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre9/21/2019
PERF10885The WelkinLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre1/15/2020
PERF10977ParadiseOlivier Theatre, National Theatre8/4/2021
PERF10993The Normal HeartOlivier Theatre, National Theatre9/23/2021
PERF11009Trouble in MindDorfman Theatre, National Theatre12/2/2022
PERF11042MiddleDorfman Theatre, National Theatre4/27/2022
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