NameJohnston; Rebecca
RoleProp Supervisor
Production - Creative
PERF8849The World of Extreme HappinessThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre9/25/2013
PERF8792Romeo and Juliet The Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre5/21/2013
PERF10028Mind the GapTemporary Theatre (formerly The Shed), National Theatre7/8/2015
PERF8817HomeThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre8/7/2013
PERF8872Blurred LinesThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre1/16/2014
PERF8763TableThe Shed (latterly the Temporary Theatre), National Theatre4/9/2013
PERF8905HotelTemporary Theatre (formerly The Shed), National Theatre5/31/2014
PERF9902The Beaux' StratagemOlivier Theatre, National Theatre5/19/2015
PERF9811DaraLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre1/20/2015
PERF10029DissonantTemporary Theatre (formerly The Shed), National Theatre7/9/2015
PERF10034Evening At The Talk HouseDorfman Theatre, National Theatre11/17/2015
PERF10117Sunset at the Villa ThaliaDorfman Theatre, National Theatre5/25/2016
PERF10493Connections 2012Cottesloe Theatre, National Theatre6/20/2012
PERF10305MacbethDorfman Theatre, National Theatre2/6/2017
PERF10436Saint George and the DragonOlivier Theatre, National Theatre10/4/2017
PERF10586The Lehman TrilogyLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre7/4/2018
PERF10782Small IslandOlivier Theatre, National Theatre4/17/2019
PERF10718Jane EyreLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre9/8/2015
PERF10859Faith, Hope and CharityDorfman Theatre, National Theatre10/17/2019
PERF10337Angels in America: PerestroikaLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre4/24/2017
PERF10336Angels in America: Millennium ApproachesLyttelton Theatre, National Theatre4/11/2017
PERF10307Peter PanOlivier Theatre, National Theatre11/17/2016
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